Monday, March 19, 2012

Obsession and planning

So as we wait to hear about the status of our hopeful future digs, I've been basically LIVING on Pinterest gathering ideas for the decor and blog hopping on people's blogs once I see something I like on Pinterest. Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards and follow me here:

Anyways, among getting ideas on what to do with some of my DIY projects I have planned, but am waiting on actually doing them till things are more concrete in home outcome, I came across this cool site called Olioboard. For those of us who LOVE Pinterest, it is just another step towards planning your dream rooms. It basically is a place to put together inspiration boards (similar to what most interior designers tend to do). It also can calculate out what it would cost to get everything on that board and a great way to see if certain things work together or not (you can also upload or add products from other sites to your own collections). Here are a few of my planning boards for some of the rooms I'd love to do.

Living room: light orangy hardwood floors, dark chocolate brown furniture, olive green walls, with white, green accents and tiny hints of orange to bring out the floors.

Dining room: light orangy hardwood floors, dark chocoalte brown furniture, golden mustard walls, with orange accents. Basically I'm thinking of taking a warm feel with the dining space.

Kitchen: So our hopeful home has nice wood cabinets, but very orangy. I'm thinking stain them a little darker, paint the walls mostly creamy white to match the cream white countertops (and maybe a creamy white tile backsplash or stencil). Then bringing hints of chrome silver hardware to match the appliances, and pops of black and lime green. Maybe a green accent wall where we'd add a shelf breakfast bar in that little nook with my chalkboard frame above it. I loved the two color of wood in the ikea kitchens on this board. I can't decide which tile I like best, so I put a bunch up there. Also, I'd love a roman shade- I'm thinking lime green and white.

1/2 bathroom downstairs: Our hopeful home has a 1/2 bathroom downstairs that I think would look lovely in rich purple, black and white. Very royal feeling with the damask prints. Yes please!

Craft room: Painting the furniture mostly white (except the chairs as red with a fun seat cushion fabric) with polka dot curtains and dot themes everywhere. Lots of red accents with white furniture. Red boxes and organization. I haven't decided on wall color- maybe a creamy white, light yellow, or light gray. Not sure on that part. What do you all think?

Master bathroom: Yellow, white and gray. Yellow walls, white floor, chrome/gray fixtures, curtains and accents a mix of the three. Either gray or white vanity. Bright and sunny!

Master bedroom: Black and white with red accents. I love bold colors and already have basically everything similar but the lighting and the dresser. I'm thinking a gray wall color, a red floor rug over white carpeting, black furniture (I actually have 2 black chairs that were my grandmother's that look very similar to this black leather chair, that I plan on using in the room). Red accents all over the place. I'm thinking red curtains or maybe red and white or red, black and white stripe curtains. I love bold stripes!

My husband always laughs that my dream home is a rainbow room house. To be honest, maybe that is who I am- I love color and I always wanted (since I was little) to have each room a different color. I still need to put together a board for my "blue room"- spare bedroom I was thinking, and I'll be set on colors in the rainbow. haha

I also started looking at some cool things online/blog hopping and such,  and came across The Real Housewives of Buck County blog. I remembered them being featured in our newspaper a while back, and for some reason just now got around to following them- I'm kinda slow on jumping on the bandwagon I guess, or just was so busy at the time, forgot. Better late then never I guess. Anyways, I'm enjoying going back and seeing all their redos. But there is a certain guest blog post about a bar cart redo here: that the conversation is very similar to what I had with my hubs about our bar cart. I still need to fix mine up (its sitting in our spare room till I get the proper tools to scrap and repaint it). I just got a kick out of the conversation over it, and chuckled to myself how close it was to the conversation over the phone (with sending a photo via text) to the hubs about it. lol

Another thing I came across was this cute tray redo over at A Place for Us blog. I think I'm going to have to make a tray I got from a yard sale down the street a while back into that lovely thing. lol

Ok, enough blog hopping, I need to actually get SOMETHING done this week. lol
Happy crafting!

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