Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some DIY and organization for today

So today I felt like doing some DIY and organization. Firstly, I reorganized our bathroom linen closet- got these cute baskets from the dollar store and made the tags myself.

I also made a quick and easy dry erase board. Dollar store frame, and dollar piece of scrap fabric from Jo Ann's. Tada! Super easy. Though I probably should of ironed it before I put it in the frame- you can totally see my fold marks in the fabric- will have to take it out and iron it when I have the energy and motivation to iron (I hate ironing!).

I also got my order from Vistaprint today. Hooray! I ordered business cards for the Newtown Arts Company, as well as made new ones for myself and my design work. I got a free pen, and a super cheap stamp for me to stamp on my projects (as I can't seem to find my custom stamp I got a while back, ever since we moved to our current digs). I also got some labels to put on the envelopes of cards I make.

I ALSO got these super cute and cheap keychains (below) made for Frenzified. I have an idea. I don't know if it would be something people would like, but I'm going to test it out when I go to a crop in April and at CHA. If it goes well, I'll get more keychains. Basically, I want to put the keychain on a jumpdrive that is filled with Frenzified images all loaded and organized, so if you want the whole package of all my images, they all come nicely packaged on a jump drive and you get a cute keychain to boot with the lovebird. Just an idea. Not sure if anyone would buy it, but I'm going to test it out before I invest a lot in keychains and jumpdrives. :D

Lastly, the hubs was nice enough to scrap and spray paint layer one to the bar cart.

 I picked up the fabric (see below) at JoAnn Fabrics for under $10. Once we get another layer of paint on the cart, I'll cut the fabric to fit in the inset areas and glue it to the panels, then modge podge overtop (I hope that works well). If all else fails, I can just add some kind of cording to the edges if I can't cut straight.

Any who, time for bed, but thought I'd update you on my current projects. I have one other project in the works, that if it all works out, I'll be making a whole lot of them for a friend's bridal shower.
Happy Crafting!

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