Thursday, June 21, 2012

Salvation Army scores and Walmart deal!

Ok, so this past Saturday I had to wastes some time after practice/lunch before working night shift. So what does Mo do to waste time? Go to the Salvation Army. Now I don't suggest to do that all the time, as if you're like me, you ALWAYS find SOMETHING that you could want and redo. haha
Anyways, so we know we want a new tv table for whenever we get moving to our new home, since our current one will end up becoming the buffet in the dining room (that's what it was originally intended for, but since our current place doesn't have a real dining room, it became our tv table). So what do I find at the SalVal? This lovely piece. AND it was 50% off too!

I also found this lovely large ottoman. Not my style of fabric, but my mom (I begged for her help) and I are either going to reupholster it or make a slipcover for it. My cat Wendy fell in love with it the second we brought it in the door. haha

Other goodies I found include these green items for our kitchen. For those who didn't see my Olioboard of what I hope our future kitchen will be- wood cabinets, creamy white counters, silver/black appliances and pops of bright green. (below)

 So these items for their price just screamed to be part of it. Also picked up a lampshade for our one standing lamp that has a black shade (why black?) and a Rolodex for my new bday Rolodex cards I got from a swap partner!

The one thing I like about the SalVal near my work is that their kitchenware is organized by color. Great idea! After 3 pairs of pants for me and 2 pairs of pants for the hubs, the items above, the two furniture pieces and a really cool vintage silver two-tiered food/item thing (forgot to photograph, might have to later) my total bill was under $60. Was so happy I got so much great items and furniture items for that cheap!

A few other scores for the week, were this awesome headband and shoes from Ross

And these 3 mirrors from WalMart for $15 total. They each were originally $15, but cleranced for $5 each. They just screamed out at me for our dining room, which will be wood, black, white. Our future dining table and chairs are wrought iron (it's sitting at a friend's house who has room and is giving it to us, lol), so they'd match perfectly!

Here is the most updated dining room idea I have for the future home. So those mirrors would be similar to the ones above the buffet on the right.

Stay tuned for my Father's day cards post! I hope these scores will make our future home superfab by not breaking the bank!

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  1. I can't believe I sent the rolodex cards and no rolodex, I am glad you found one!!


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