Sunday, September 9, 2012

Getting started on Project Life

Ok. So I got the Becky Higgins Project Life Cherry collection from my mom as a present for hitting my goal weight while on Weight Watchers (lost 63 lbs since October- you can read more about my weight loss adventure over at my Food/Weight loss blog: )

So I went through and set up the basics for the intro page and back page, though I'm pretty sure the amount of sheet protectors I have will last me only each month, as opposed to each week- like I'd like to do if I can.
So far I printed out a few of my pictures to start it off the week before I got the project life in the mail, and started writing down the basic events that happened for that week and this week (and wrote down what events I knew would be happening in the future).

My question to anyone out there is what is your system for Project Life? Do you do it per week or per month? Or do you just do it with whatever you feel like it? Do you have a spot in your craft room just for that? What's your favorite products or freebies that you use in your Project Life?
I know I'm full of questions, but this is something new and I'd love feedback.
I did start a Pinterest board here just for inspiration and freebies for Project Life, so if you want to follow (or contribute- just ask me) I'd love it! If you want to follow all of my Pinterest boards, please do! Just forewarning, I'm kind of obsessed with Pinterest. Right now I'm at 51 boards and 8,026 pins!

Anyways, when I get week one started, I'll show it off to you all. :D
(I hope I can get to start working on these on Mondays, since that's my next day off!)

Other things: My mom sent me a rolodex card she made for a swap using my Frenzified Spooks and Scares Set. Don't you adore it!?

Also, another question if anyone knows the answer.
Do you all remember this lovely tv stand I got at the SalVal for our future home?

Well I acquired 2 bookcases like this (imagine light wood):

What do you all suggest? Should I stain the bookcases to try to match them, or paint all 3 something?
I want our future living room to have this scheme,

  but I'm not sure the best route to take on this bookcases/tv stand.

Now we haven't got the house officially yet, though it is looking promising with the most recent events. That being said, I'm trying to figure out what I can paint furniture wise ahead of time, so any input would be awesome! Including, what Black paint would be the best to paint this lovely?:

We are crossing fingers that the date we were told is actually the true closing date- as we still haven't gotten the paperwork back (darn you Short Sales for taking so long), but this time the supposed closing date was given to us by the Sellers bank, so we hope it is true this time! *fingers crossed*

I hope to get some feedback from you all!
Anyways, Happy crafting and DIY-ing!

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