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A Suits and Sparkles New Years Eve Party (and Fab Desserts Table!)

Suits and Sparkles New Year's Eve Party
 New Years Eve parties are always a huge deal in my house- my hubs and I- as it is my hubs' favorite holiday. 
This year we decided to host a "Suits and Sparkles" themed New Years Eve Party this year. There was so many sparkles, your eyes started to bling out towards the end of the night (lol!).

Dessert Table
I was determined to do a fancy dessert table, so after much research on Pinterest, I ended up creating the setup below (and above) using our buffet table, many DIY cakestands, a Trifle bowl I got for Christmas, a cool mirror my hubs got from work, as well as 2 star shaped bowls and 3 serving trays I got at the after-Christmas sale at Michael's.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries in "suits."
Moscato Cupcakes (Recipe can be found here: by us!) Cupcake circles from: Living Locurto
Moscato Cupcakes 
Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods
More Chocolate-Covered Strawberries (in suits)
Caramel-Banana Trifle (Based off this recipe: My Kind of Cooking)
Vanilla Cake Pops (Made with my brand new cake pop maker: Babycakes CO-12 cake pop maker)
Sparkle 2014 Banner on the mirror (made of paper and glitter) with Silver Sparkle Leaf Vine (got the vine on sale from Michael's after-Christmas sale for $3.50!)
Cheers! (on the chalkboard wall)
Banner (downloaded from: Today's Creative Blog)
The full Look!

 New Year's Resolution Photo-booth Wall

I will spare the blogging world from seeing the many intoxicated friends of mine, but we did have a blast ringing in the new year. I also made a "photo booth wall" with some left over wrapping paper and numbers cut from my Cricut. Funny enough, my hubs decided to help me by putting the paper up when I was cooking, and he didn't notice the funny edge (end/start of the roll of wrapping paper with the white and color squares) to the paper showing right below the #2 (boo!). oh well! 
I also used a mini Dry-erase board for people to photograph themselves with their New Year's Resolution. My friends had a blast with that part. lol.

My resolution...
Like my "Little Mermaid" sparkle dress? lol. I got it at the Goodwill for $6!

 Balloon Countdown Wall
 We also did a balloon countdown- when you heard the balloon pop on the hour, you take a drink/shot. It was a fun way to countdown the new year with our buds.

Outside Decor
 I stuck tea lights (fake ones that changed color and a few actual candles when I ran out of the fake ones) in mason jars and lined our walkway with them. A few of the jars I had leftover from the big NAC gala, so they had gold glitter on the bottom (fit perfectly with the night's theme). 

I also made some cutouts on my Cricut and put them in my big lightbox for a sign outside. (Got the lightbox on sale when the Borders near us went out of business and were selling everything- everyone always loves it!)

One of my friends brought Sparklers for us to play with at midnight. So much fun!

 Other Food
We also had other food besides the dessert table. My hubs made his famous Buffalo Chicken Dip, but I didn't photograph it- as it was eaten so quick! We also had peach jello shots (also not shown) which were perfect for the on-the-hour countdown.

Can you tell the cheese and crackers went fast!?

Countdown Sugar cookies! (Happy new year printable from: Living Locurto)

More cookies
Bowtie Pasta Salad (to continue with the suits part of the theme) and food label signs from: Living Locurto
The food spread

 Other Decor

I put some silver and gold ornaments in these candleholder jars. Also included this Subway Art printable I framed (from: Eighteen 25)
Paper lantern I bought at Celtic Fest
Gold foil wrapped mints and some other dollar store items to go with the theme.
Party hats, crowns, beads, glow stick necklaces and noise makers/horns in trays on our coffee table for guests.
The bar cart I dressed up with a string of LED blue snowflake lights, banner (from: Today's Creative Blog) and had plastic champagne glasses with sparkle (sadly you can't tell in the picture) swizzle sticks a friend gave me.

This side table was for all the utensils and plates/bowls. I also framed a printable (from: The 36th Avenue)

 So did you have a fun New Years Eve? What all did you do to celebrate? Did you have/go to a party or have more of a relaxing night at home? I'd love to hear what everyone else did around the world on the big countdown night. ;)

Wendy relaxed before the party started, but once the commotion of people started getting loud, she headed upstairs. lol
We had a fun night and I'm glad I can share the festivities with you all!
Have a Happy New Year and cheers to a good 2014!

Sources for printables:
Printable Banner: Today's Creative Blog 
Cupcake Circles, Happy New Year small sign, Striped Food Labels: Living Locurto
Subway Art Printable: Eighteen 25
Chalkboard style Printable: The 36th Avenue

Sources for some of the recipes:
Caramel Banana Trifle: My Kind of Cooking
Buffalo Chicken Dip: Hungry Role-Player (my hubs)
Moscato Cupcakes: Hubs and I ;)
Cake Pops: Made with Vanilla Cake mix and Vanilla Candy melts in Babycakes Cake Pop maker

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