Sunday, June 29, 2014

Favorites: Trying to be healthier and craftier

This is a little belated from my usual Friday time of Favorites, but better late then never, right?
Here are some of my favorite items these days:

1. Flatout Soft 100% Whole Wheet flatbread (wraps): I picked some of these up a while ago to try with a Lean Cuisine wrap filler, and the wraps were perfect! They are low calorie (only 100 calories) and make perfect wraps, flatbread pizzas, or tacos!

2. Everbilt Dropcloths: This is the dropcloths I purchased to re-cover my deck bench cushions and make curtains for the deck. They are easy to cut, just enough softness, but nice and thick to cover unsightly patterns. ;) Check out my post on making no-sew dropcloth curtains and no-sew seat cushion covers.

3. Smirnoff Sorbet Light Mango Passion Fruit: While cruising through the Wine & Spirits store to pick up some wine for a friend's party, I came across this lovely bottle. I decided to give it a shot and add it to mixed drinks at home. It is a perfect addition to our bar. We mixed this, mango rum and limeaide- which made an AMAZING margarita (recipe to come later). So good and less calories!

4. V-8 Fusion Energy Orange Pineapple: I tried another V-8 Fusion energy drink a while back when the marketing department at my work had a box of them for people to try. I hated the Pomegrande, but loved the Peach Mango. I was glad to see that they had the Orange Pineapple at my local grocery store, so I gave that one a shot. Was great as well! And so low Weight Watchers points plus for a caffeinated beverage!

5. Lean Cuisine Chicken Pecan: Saw this at my local grocery store too and gave it a shot, as the picture looked good- I had never seen this one before. It was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the sweetness of the cranberries and apples mixed with the tasty chicken, sweet potatoes and rice. Loved it!

Hope your weekend is going fabulous! Enjoy your day!

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