Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Free stuff is always the best stuff

Welcome to another installment of Thrifty Thursday! 

So, my neighbors must think I'm a horder or something, but recently I've been loving all the free items they throw away (put out on trash day). In the past month, I've scored some awesome freebies, that I easily updated with a nice coat of paint or fabric. ;) Check out my scores!

Score #1: Two lovely end tables
The one woman down the street from us was throwing away the below tall long table (left). I immediately knew I wanted to dress it up for our front porch with some plants/flowers on it, but I wanted it green. I walked on down with the hubs to pick it up, just as she is coming outside (unbeknown to us)- almost startling us as she opens her front door and says "I have another one that is a little smaller, but same color and similar legs, that I was also getting rid of- just didn't bring it down stairs yet- you want that one too?" "Totally!"
The original tables were purple.

 So we scored 2 free tables! The next day I immiately painted the big one dark green (which that color paint we stocked up on a lot, because it matches the shutters to our house) and it worked out perfect for out front on the porch. I just need to get better plants, as the current ones are looking a little ratty, and the other two that were in the green containers died (so embarrassingly I have just dirt in those, till I get new plants- I'm waiting for some sales on plants to happen- flowers are expensive!)
The front porch currently- with new end table.
Just awaiting some more flowers to dress everything up!
(I might repaint the boots too, as they are fading)
The newly green table (I swapped out floor mats to the brown one after this pic was taken. lol).

The other table- for now is in our bedroom, but might end up changing rooms eventually- once I figure out where I like it.

Score #2: Four patio seat cushions
You might of seen my previous post on my Deck Oasis update, which included adding seat cushions to our hard-butt benches. Again, I found these cushions out by the curb awaiting the trash man. They were in decent condition- just faded all to hell.

Original ugly cushions.

So lightbulb went off and I knew they had to be turned into cushions for the benches. With a single 9 x 15 ft drop cloth ($21) I recovered all 4 cushions, which fit perfect on the deck.
I recovered the cushions with drop cloth...
Now the cushions look almost new!

Score #3: Free wood
Hubs brought home 2 broken picnic tables from his work, which we quickly took apart for various projects. One project is to turn the 2 tops of the tables into a wooden walkway to our pool, along with a little side bench- so you don't have to walk through the grass from the deck/parking space- so not as much grass in the pool. We still have to paint them, but it serves its purpose.

In the process of making this area work and not look so trashy.

 The other project was adding a mini bar to our bare wall on the deck. We used the one seat from the picnic table, added 2 support legs, and tada! Instant bar! Not going to lie- it was one of the smartest things we've done- as it quickly cleared up space on the deck and allowed for more room for food/drinks. Already, it has gotten good use on our grilling days with friends.
New side bar from free wood!

Perfect for grilling time. ;)

I also scored a few free pallets from my work (which I've been told, that if I want more, I am welcome to them). Since I work at a newspaper, they use pallets to bring various things. I saw a few out back and asked our maintenance man if I could have them- he said sure, and then added- "You want more? We have a boat load of them on the loading dock." I agreed to take a few- as there is only so much that will fit in the car, but they were perfect. Some were a little broken/beaten up- which we took those to be firewood, but there is a few I hope to turn into easy gardening spaces or bookshelves.

So many pallets!
 We also scored some spare firewood from a friend who didn't need it- so we are starting to stockpile the firewood- which is good, since my hubs and our friends all LOVE the firepit. haha

Score #4: Free flowers
Two of my co-workers/friends just purchased a home recently and have been making their gardening their own. They had a boat-load of these lovely flowers that they didn't want where they were on their property but didn't want to throw them away, as they were nice (but hadn't bloomed yet), so I aquired about 4 stalks. I am happy to say, they finally started to bloom (this was my first time planting these kind of flowers), so I'm so glad all 4 have bloomed! Woo!

Pretty in bloom!

(I ended up putting them in the empty spot between our rose bush/tree and bush by the side.) They are a little taller than I thought they'd be- and might get transplanted again once we finish the fence, but for now- I'm glad they're alive. haha

Score #5: (not free though) Yard sale website drop leaf table
We also scored this lovely drop leaf table (which is what I've been wanting for our dining room since we bought the house) for $25 on a online yard sale site for our area. I also managed to sell our current round table for the same price, so for a new table change- $0 in the end (as we sold our table we previously had for the same price we bought the new one).

The drop leaf table- right after bringing it home.

 It has a few spots we have to work on- going to eventually try and re-stain it as it is a very similar color to our buffet wood, so they match. For now, I'll just throw a table cloth on it, till I can re-stain it.

Other thrifty updates:
Other thrifty updates are taking things we already had around the house, and added a quick update of paint to add a pop of color to the room.
I had an ugly cart in the dining room (was left by the previous owners of the house)- I eventually decided to make into a tea/coffee corner. It looked similar to this one- just without handles and actually has a panel on the back to close the space.

A nice coat of teal (not the same bright teal that our outdoor benches are, but a beautiful darker teal) brightening the ugly thing right up.
Energy station!

Making the cart pretty...
The most beautiful shade of teal- Lagoon (used on coffee cart).
Updated coffee corner.
Eventually I'm going to add some nice knobs on the doors, but for now, it adds a nice bit of color to our very neutral dining room that is slowly getting a makeover.

Another update: I also found these chrome plastic urn thingies a while back at a thrift store (not sure if they are planters or whatnot)- I finally decided to paint them white.


... After

The now hold flags!
 For now they have rocks in them to hold our little flags, but eventually I'd like more flowers.

I also had one spare tv table that we often would use to put spare items on the deck when having parties outside (the other tv tables are in use in the barshed and/or no longer around due to being broken). With a quick coat of teal spray paint- it matches the rest of the deck!

Bright tv table!
So all in all, a LOT of thrifty stuff recently. 

Have you scored some great finds recently? I'd love to see what you've scored- leave links in the comment section!
Have a thrifty Thursday!


  1. You've scored some awesome stuff! And done amazing things with it!

    1. thanks! I am all about free stuff I can make fun. ;)


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