Saturday, January 10, 2015

Favorites Friday: Getting back into shape after the new year

Hey all. Long time no see.
I apologize for my absence to the blogging world, but you know how it is- the holidays just take over your world easily.
At the start of the new year, I did what most people did- resolved to get back into shape. I really was lax over the holidays, and I refuse to get back to my old habits and old ways when I was super heavy.
So some of my favs this week are things to get you fit, or at least I've found have helped me get fit.

1. World of Warcraft Funko Pop! figures: I got the Illidan figure earlier in the year, and the hubs got me Slyvanas for Xmas. A friend gave me the little Murloc figure also for Xmas. I love these little figures. They don't serve any true purpose other than looking cute and dressing up my computer area with my favorite video game memorabilia. But I just find these to be so adorable. ;)

2. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Xbox game for the Kinect: We got this game from my parents over the holidays (they had gotten it for themselves, but never used it). Right at the start of the new year we gave this game a try and so far it has totally kicked my butt- in a good way though. I find my favorite thing is the fitness games- primarily the punching blocks game- I love that game and it is fun but great exercise. I hope to make this game/fitness program more of a common exercise activity- at least till the summer, when I have different forms of exercise available.

3. Just Type calendar: One of my best friends gave this to me for Christmas this year, and I just adore it. Typography is one of my absolute favorite things about graphics design. I hung this in my cubicle at work, so hopefully each day I'm inspired by the typography. Luckily, the makers had me in mind when the made it- it doesn't have any of those icky fonts like Papyrus or Comic Sans. lol.

4. Fitbit (in pink): I got this around Thanksgiving time and so far has been one of my favorite useful jewelry. I love seeing how good or bad my sleep was and when my steps are up or down for the day. Only downfall, it gets dirty quite easily. But other than that, I adore it! If you can find a good deal on them (we got my on Black Friday) I suggest you to give it a try.

5. Almaden boxed Moscato wine: My hubs came across this boxed wine at our local wine & spirits store. He texted me with a picture of this and was like "Guess what now exists- boxed Moscato!" Over here in Pennsylvania, this was the first time I've ever since boxed Moscato (which is my favorite wine). Now- most people knock boxed wine. I agree most times it doesn't really taste as good as the bottle. However, this boxed wine is quite good and for the value- super great. Also, if you're like me, and suck at opening corked bottles, it has an easy to pour/reuse spout and fits great in the fridge. I've already converted a few friends to it. haha. If you haven't tried it, but love Moscato and want a good value wine, give it a shot!

What have you found helped you get back into shape after the new year? I'd love any others' ways of motivation.
Have a great day!


  1. I've been thinking about getting a Fitbit. But I think it would probably just frustrate me more than motivate me.

    1. awh! I only find it frustrating when I realize I have to charge it because the battery is dead. lol. It's also frustrating to see how little I walk when I'm at work- darn desk job!


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