Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014: A year in Review letter

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year everyone!
Just popping in quick to show off this year's "A Year in Review" letter that I sent out along with my homemade cards to friends and family.
It is very similar to previous years, I admit, but with new info. There is only so much time in my life to create new things!
For those that have asked about my previous year's letter, as well as this letter- YES- I did create this on my own. I did it as a combination of vector graphics I made in Illustrator and beefed it up in Photoshop. It is NOT a template I purchased from somewhere, and I didn't pay anyone to make it for me. I made it all by myself.
Now that that is cleared up (You would not believe how many people have asked me what template program I used to create it) I can show off this year's letter.
I wanted to focus on the big events, our travels, the shows we've done and the memorable moments of each part of the year...

Here's the letter we sent out this year (I just whited out our address info- don't need the whole world knowing that).
To see it closer, just click on the image.
Do you do a yearly letter with your Christmas cards or do you not find it necessary? I'd love to know what everyone else does around the world.
Well, I'm off to go have some more tea, as I've been feeling terrible the past 2 days. I guess I seem to have caught a winter cold (BOO!).
So, in case I don't manage to get online much, Have a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from our house to yours!


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