Thursday, December 18, 2014

Subscription Box Review: December Ipsy Glam Bag

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December Ipsy Glam Bag:

This month's Ipsy Glam bag is themed "Thinking of You." Honestly- it was probably one of my least favorite bags- nothing really extremely excited me even when I saw the preview (except for one product, which I sadly didn't get in my bag- booo!) The bag itself wasn't anything special either. Not sure if the holidays had the Ipsy crew scrambling, but this was by far the least exciting glam bag I've gotten thus far. 

Here's what came in My Glam Bag:

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever use this. I am a very low-maintenance hair product gal- I rarely blow-dry my hair in general. Most of the time I let my hair air-dry or put it in a clip till it drys. I'm sure its great for those that use hair styling product- but it really isn't the product for me.

It's a nice and functional brush. I'll certainly use it- I do like a good eye shadow application. First time I've gotten a brush in my bag, so I'm not complaining much about it.

I'll try it- not sure how often I'll use it, but my eyes could use some relaxation.

Not a bad lip balm- the flavor isn't anything special. Overall, doesn't wow me, but I'll use it.

This is probably the only think I was excited to get. I always am on the hunt for a good mascara- since when I do wear it with my contacts, I always struggle with getting one that doesn't irritate my eyes. We shall see how this one fares.

I personally was a little disappointed this month with my glam bag- when I saw the preview of products, I prayed I'd get the Mineral Eye Polish by Cailyn, but sadly I did not. ;(
Hopefully next month they will wow me a bit more.
Have a great day all!

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