Friday, December 19, 2014

12 Drinks of Christmas party

So last week (on 12/12) we hosted a "12 Drinks of Christmas" get together at our house.

It all stems from a friend's traditional 12 bars of Christmas event- but since they no longer live in the area, they passed on the reigns to us. After much debate amongst our friends and ourselves (and crunching the numbers of money) we decided to just host everyone at our house and make 12 specialty drinks instead (it also is a LOT safer- people can sleep over after having too many drinks).
So what are the drinks you may ask? Well. Here was the drink menu of the night:

We also had some festive chips. lol

All we asked of our friends was to either provide a food item/dish or $12 towards paying for the drinks/food. We cranked up the toasty heat and blasted the Christmas tunes...
We even turned up the "yule log" on the tv. haha
Overall things went well. I personally only made it to drink #9- I was just too full- too much food and drinks made my stomach feel like I was ready to be rolled down the hall like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka. haha. 
The drinks I didn't get to was the Jolly shot (jollyrancher shot), Pumpkin Pie shot, and the hot rum cider. Overall, my favorite probably was the first one- I just love Rumchata.

The recipes we found online were all a little different, but here is what we did for each, roughly. (sorry- forgot to photograph the last 2)

 Caramel Apple pie cocktail: apple cider, rumchata

 Jack Frost cocktail: pineapple juice, blue curacao

Snowchata shot: rumchata, peppermint candy on rim and sprinkled inside

Christmas in Mexico margaritas: tequila, limeaide

Red jello shot: red jello, peach schnapps

Butterbeer drink: butterscotch, cream soda

Green jello shot: green jello, green apple pucker or midori, hint of apple vodka

Cranberry cocktail: cranberry juice, ginger-ale, vodka

 Grinch drink: Midori or apple pucker, sprite

Jolly shot: homemade jolly rancher vodka (jolly ranchers+plain vodka), splash of tart vodka

Pumpkin pie shots:  pumpkin spice liquor, vanilla vodka, buttershots
Hot Rum & cider drink: cider, apple, orange, cinamon sticks, spiced rum 

So has this inspired some holiday themed beverages for you?
Hope you're having a great week!

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