Monday, December 22, 2014

Sending JOY to family members: Homemade Christmas gifts

I pride myself in sending at least one homemade item to friends and family each year for Christmas. I always enjoy getting homemade items myself, honestly.
This year I racked my brain as to what to make. While browsing the internet, I found someone mentioning "photo holder blocks" which sparked my interest.
These I made with a little more modern look.
I found the blocks online and once I got them in the mail, I got to work making the photo holder blocks. I cut down the holiday patterned paper to squares and adhered them to each side of the block. I had to get crafty to get the top square to work around the already glued in wire (*sigh*) but after decorating the fronts, and adding some washi tape, it was good to go. They turned out super cute, I think.
Some I added washi tape to the block itself- but realized I didn't have enough to do this to ALL the blocks.
Some people I made a 3 set, spelling out "JOY" and others I sent a single photo block (the prices to do all 3 joy block sets started to add up, so did the time to make them all, so I had to downsize my original idea.)
A solo photo block for one of my friends (who's cat's name is Apollo, btw. haha)
Anyways, I thought they turned out cute.
Do you try your hand at homemade Christmas gifts too? I'd love to see some homemade Christmas gifts you've made.
Have a great day!

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