Sunday, August 3, 2008

3 weeks

ok. So it is 3 weeks (technically 2 weeks and 6 days) till I am getting married. EEEEEKKKK!
So much to do and not enough energy to do it. Today I finished the menu cards and almost done with the programs. Cat (my maid of honor) is coming over Saturday and finishing the table cards/place cards with me, after I stop up in Allentown to meet with my MaryKay director who is doing my makeup for the wedding and also to meet with the Banana Factory one last time before the rehearsal to square things away. The caterer and the florist both have to be called the week before to make sure of things, and Tuesday morning we are planning on stopping and getting the marriage license, etc.
In all the madness, I managed to get some things done. The centerpieces are done, the menu cards are done, the favors are (almost, except putting the monograms on them) done. Still have the girl's gifts to finish, table card/place cards (as mentioned above) and the programs, as well as the signs for the flipflop basket and the candybar.
Ok. enough babble about what needs to be done and what hasn't been done. 
Got a good response on the invites. yay! A friend of mine actually told me that she is going to give my name to her friend for invite design, so who knows, I might get some freelance work. Woot.
Above is the "ring boxes" that I made for our rings to be put in before the wedding. (my idea) since I am paranoid that they will get lost, and I wanted to do something with these little mini candy boxes I had picked up around eastertime with 4 pieces of chocolate, so I took the box to make the ring boxes. I also included a ribbon tab to help open it up. His and Hers. :)

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