Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trucking along

Stuff are coming together.
It is less than 2 weeks from the wedding and for once, I have been cranking away at stuff. Got the bridesmaid's presents completed (I'll show pictures after the wedding, in case they read this). I got the menu cards designed (still need printing), the placecards/tablecards are halfways done. All the little cartoons to go with those are all at least drawn, just need coloring. The florist is ready, paid for, and all set to go. The caterer is pretty much ready, just need to 100% confirm on Monday. Our final number of people will be 107. (I know odd number, but If you don't include the DJ and the photographer in that, it is 105). Below is a picture of the cake, note: replace the brown with red, and the flowers with red gerber daisies with black centers, and that is my cake. Oh, and also with straight borders instead of scalloped. :)

So all in all, things are slowly coming together. I felt over the weekend like I met with so many people and talked to so many people on the phone, that I was going into overload, but I hope that once the special day arrives, it will all be alright and I can relax. (HOPEFULLY) Below is one of the cartoons to go with my "What's black and white and red all over" theme. Each table has a black, white, red animal instead of a table number. The full design I will show later, just wanted to show off my maid of honor, Cat's talent of cartooning. Yay!

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