Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our wedding: hooray!

(yes we walked across the street, a lot. Our hotel was across the street from the location for the wedding, why would we need to get transportation when we can walk! This obviously is after we got married. We decided to stop traffic in the middle of Bethlehem, PA for this)

So the wedding has been done with for a little bit. I feel bad since I havn't been blogging since right before then, however things have been, well, a little crazy. Also I forgot my password to blogger and spent many times trying to figure it out to reset. Anyways, excuses, excuses.
So things for the wedding turned out awesome. Every event has some moment that are wonderful, as well as a few moments that were "interesting" to say the least, but all in all it went great. It is kinda sad to look back on all of those great couple of days and the following week (the honeymoon) and to realize now that it is all over. Going back to work and "everyday" stuff was hard enough to do after the wedding. Now I actually have free time and it is scary.
Anyways, in this post is a few of the things I made and how they turned out, such as the programs, the table cards, menu cards, place cards, centerpieces, the cake (I didn't make that, I just had the idea what it should look like), etc. I probably will do another post on some of the scrapbook pages I have started with honeymoon picks since most of our wedding pictures haven't been printed yet and are just digital versions at the moment, hence the watermark on a lot of the ones taken by our wedding photographer, the non-watermarked ones are taken by friends and family, since obviously I didn't photograph my own wedding. 
I hope to get back into the swing of designing and doing crafty things,  so bear with me as I attempt to get back on the art horse.

(My hubby and I being silly)

(the front of the program. They were in the style of a newspaper to go with the theme of "what is black and white and red all over: our wedding!")

(candy bar time!)

(traditional wedding pins made by my mother-in-law and her family)

(the menu cards, which on the back had information about the reception)

(the ceremony programs rolled up and ready to go)

(The setup of the tables during the reception)

(the bridal party table during the reception)

(My mother made hankies out of her first wedding dress for all the mothers, grandmothers, and me. I thought they were very sweet)

(How our main table's setup turned out. We were the skunks in love. I give Cat credit that her drawings worked out great. I helped with the coloring of them and the idea and the design of the card in total, but her actual drawings made them wonderful. Each table had an animal that is black, white, and red to go with our "black and white and red all over" theme)

(our table setting and our matching placecard 
(like we really need one, but I wanted to make one. Hehe))

(We had a candy bar instead of alcohol, since it was an afternoon reception)

(the placecards all setup at the Banana factory gallery)

(the table cards during prep: designed by my maid of honor Cat and I, the clips just have dot ribbon covering the black part (super easy to make!))

(My bouquet: red gerber daisies, white roses, white stephanotoes (sp?) and greenery)

(My husband and I pouring our Unity Sand since we didn't want candles)

(I made ring boxes to keep our rings safe: this it the one that my maid of honor had with his ring in it)

(This is the one that held my ring in it that one of his best men
 (all his groomsmen where his best men) held)

(How the cake turned in our wedding)

(One of the table's centerpieces and table cards)

(Our florist did a great job in picking the gerber daisies for the centerpieces)

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