Sunday, October 12, 2008

Return of the Scrapbooking

So scrapbooking has been one of those things I LOVE to do, however often I don't have the time, the money to make it look how I want. You name it, I come up with an excuse to put it off. However when I actually sit down to do it, I enjoy it a lot.
My mother came to visit a week or so ago and one of our things we like to attend is "crop nights" at the one scrapbooking store. Sadly I moved about 1/2 hour away from my beloved scrapbooking store, but sometimes I actually get my butt over there to do stuff. My mom and I enrolled ourselves in a 8-hour scrap-PINK crop (the proceeds for paying for it went partially towards breast cancer since it is breast cancer awareness month). I had a great time to say the least. It was a crappy day outside (weather wise) and they had plenty to keep us entertained besides actually just working on scrapbooking stuff. There was door prizes on the hour given away by playing bingo and "special surprises" in select bags (goody bags given to each of those who attended) as well as lots of food and beverages. It was a fun day to spend on a rainy Sunday. I also won raffle prizes later too! I won a cute pink 2-picture frame (totally going in the pink and brown bathroom), a cute handmade teddy bear, as well as the raffle prize of a Letter stamp set, clear block, pink stamp pad, and much more other stuff. 
I had a fun time, and it actually forced me to scrap for once. It was a chance to get away, immerse myself in photos and crafty stuff, and come home with cute pages and fun prizes.
:) Yay for crop nights.
(below is the outcome of that day)

(A single page dedicated to our dinner at PF Chang's. It was the last dinner we had on our Honeymoon, which was spent in Atlantic City at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. I know I know, I still have to write on the journal box.)

(Hanging out in the Tropicana on our last night of our Honeymoon. The inside of the hotel is setup like Old-style Cabana feeling. The writing box still needs to be written on found inside the clear envelope)

(Our night at Starter's bar and restaurant with our friends and family. This was right after the wedding, so basically it was the after-party after the reception party of our wedding)

(Our first day of our honeymoon we went and saw "Avenue Q" in NYC on Broadway)

(Sparkle Q!)

(on our Honeymoon, 1st day tag)

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