Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cardmaking in the Dark

So after about 5 minutes into my Halloween card making, our power went out. Luckily it was around 3pm, so there still was some daylight out, however it was stormy and rainy, so it wasn't a lot of light. After about an hour of the power being out and having to open the window because it was so damn hot in our apartment (we are on the 8th floor) the complex's fire alarm started to go off. So I end up gathering my purse and heading down the 8 flights of stairs to outside since you never know if something really is wrong and I would rather be safe than sorry. 
Well supposably one of the people in the apartment thought that if they pulled the fire alarm it would get the power on faster. haha. Anyways, the fire department turned off the alarm and checked everything, though the power was still off. Pouring down rain outside, I decided that now that the fire alarm was off, I might as well head back up to my apartment and get back to card making by window light and use a flashlight in the bathroom. Halfways upstairs I realized that, damn, I really am out of shape and that going up 8 floors of stairs really does suck.
Anyways, got 3 cards accomplished before I had to pick up my hubby from work. The power kicked back on as I was walking out the door. (figures).
Anyways, these are the cards I did with no power on in the apartment. I hope to make a few more Halloween/Fall cards so I can send some to family and friends and not just to a few from that list. Thank heavens the power is back on, otherwise I wouldn't be able to post this! haha, nor would I likely survive in this day and age. I need my computer and tv! Okeys, posting pictures now. :) All three have a consistant theme of the polka dotted paper which were scraps from a scrapbook page I did for the monthly contest at the scrapbook store, but each card kinda took on their own personality though used the same dot scraps. Enjoy! :)

(Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch)

(cute charm I found hiding among my scrapbook stuff when I was cleaning the room)

(31st of October Card)

(I love this stamp. Sadly my glitter brackets look weird. I had crystal stickles but I wanted orange so I put orange sparkles, however it didn't turn out well. It's ok I guess)

(I do love this cuttlebug pumpkin embossing folder that my mom got me. Thanks mom!)

(Happy Harvest! I love prima flowers)

(Like I said before, I love prima flowers)

(who needs stamps when the ribbon says it all!?)

I had fun, even if it was without power. Whipped out the ipod for some tunes since I hate being in the apartment without some noise/tv/music going on when no one else in here with me. The music helped me zone out and forget the fact that I had no power in the apartment.
Anyways, I hope to get more cards and scrapbooking done these days. Yay! :)

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