Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thinking of You- Sympathy

Since I am really tired today, I'll be quick about this post. This card was a request from a co-worker who was complaining that there was "no good sympathy cards at Wal-mart. None that left any room for (him) to write anything that he wanted to say, and all had cheesy or really long sayings." Basically his friend's mother just died and he wanted something basically to just be a little "thinking of you" type card. I overheard his rant and popped in, "Hey, you know I make personalized cards, I can make you one!" I then directed him to my blogo, and he was sold on the idea. So here is what I came up with.  Enjoy.

(here's the front of the card. I used a new Nestibilities I got from my mom for Xmas)


(He wanted the inside blank so he could write his own message, so I dressed it up at the top, but left the bottom blank)

 Sympathy cards are always tough for me, since I don't want them to be too frilly, bright, or modern (which to have none of those is reallllllyyyyy tough for me), so this is what I did. I tried to keep it elegant and soothing. Not my absolute masterpiece of cards, but it works.
Night all. (I just finished up my Friday Night Card club cards, so later on I'll upload it to show ya'll.) laters.

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