Thursday, May 20, 2010

More wedding-type cards and May card club card

Ok. It must be the season or something. I feel all I'm doing recently is wedding cards, bridal shower cards, or baby cards. haha Anyways, I've been busy doing personal card orders for co-workers and finally completed my May "Friday Night Card Club" cards.
I've also been busy auditioning for a local theater show "Week Between the Holidays" which I just found out today I got cast as the character I wanted-Mary Catherine. This original musical, is written by a local music/play writer and is being performed as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Feel free to check out their website: . I just so happen to have designed their website, so I guess that's how I knew about it. :) I'll be starting up on that here shortly, so hopefully I'm able to get some crafting done in between.
I also found out today that tomorrow I DO NOT have to go to jury duty. Our awesome county has a website that you can check to see if you are needed for you jury summons, so I checked it today, and they said I am not needed! Hooray! Today's been a great day!
Ok, enough babble, on to the cards! Below is an Engagement congrats-type card, a Bachelorette party card, and a wedding card. Also below is my Friday Night Card Club card for May- "island/beachy themed." Enjoy!

This card turned out cute I think. I am happy the co-worker I was making it for told me 
that the person they were giving it to plans on having silver, white and black 
as their wedding colors. Perfect!

I just couldn't resist. I've had this little stamp set for a while now, 
but I thought it would be appropriate for a Bacholerette party card. lol

This wedding card turned out adorable I believe. The bride-to-be is obsessed with owls, 
so I took a Recollections popup owl set and altered them to be
a little bride and groom owl. I love it, don't you!?

And this is my May card club card. My "island" theme is flip flops. 
The second it gets warm enough for me to be wearing flip flops, 
you can't take them off my feet till it gets cold again. haha. 
It isn't my most favorite of cards, but I like how the paper 
pieced umbrella and matching flip flops turned out. I also had to do two versions, 
since I ran out of the same paper. So I did a pink and a blue version of the cards.

Stay tuned for some baby shower/congrats on the baby-type cards. I'm finishing up a baby shower card tonight, so I'll wait to post the other baby card I did over the weekend for when I can post that card.
Hope everyone is having a great week, since today has been a wonderful day for me!
Hugs all!
P.S. I know I haven't posted my winner to my blog candy yet. I promise I'll try to get a winner chosen this week! Promise!


  1. Beautiful cards. Fun cards. And congratulations on getting the part you wanted.

  2. Gorgeous and FUN cards girl! You have been workin' hard! :-)


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