Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Ketchup....

So...I'm chilling around the house...since I have a 3-day weekend before I work 5 days, then traveling off to Chicago to CHA. I actually did the following 2 cards last weekend...but I was too busy to photograph them till today. It's been a crazy month...with practice for the show I'm in, work filled with big projects, me feverishly trying to get a new set made for Frenzified before CHA hits...and of course planning what to bring and do at CHA. So is any of my readers going to be at CHA also? I'm just wondering if I'd run into anyone out there. :)
Later in the trip out to Chicago, we have planned some stops (my mom and I) out to my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin's house for a day and a half, then treking over to my Grandmother's house for another day and a half. It is gonna be a busy week, but I am looking forward to it all. :)
Ok, enough chit chat, you all came here to see some cards...and I've been slacking in that department lately. I apologize my readers. You probably were wondering where they heck I've wandered to. So without further ado, here is a birthday card and a get well card I made. I sat down last week and said to myself..."I don't want to make a card that is for anything or anyone in particular. I just want to create." And here we are. I used this green ribbon in my get well card first, then had it sitting out and decided it fit nicely with my birthday card. Enjoy!

The get well card's bandage and saying are from a cheap-o $1 woodblock stamp I got at ACMoore a while ago, and I REALLY wanted to make a card using it, I just never had the time to make it, since I didn't have a need to use it just yet. I think it's so adorable!

The birthday card is using the adorable "Fly Away" airplane set from Papertrey Ink, designed by the talented Becky Oehlers...who lives not that far from me I found out, so I thought I'd support the local gal! I made my own I apologize if they look funky. hehe

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. I hope to get some stuff done today and tomorrow for Frenzified, so I can have my new "Fall Forever" set ready before I head to CHA. I know, I're probably thinking..."Fall! It's not even August yet!?" but alas...I know a lot of you like to work early, so I thought I'd crank it out, along with a Halloween set (which I hope to also have done, but if now, it will be ready shortly afterwards) so you can have a leg up on that season. I will leave you with this adorable little acorn I made for the Fall set. Technically I'm offering this little cutie as a freebie, so if you want, you can also save this from here, or wait till I put a higher res. version on Frenzified shortly. 

Enjoy all and have a great weekend!
Hugs to all of you!

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