Saturday, July 24, 2010

CHA bound

So tomorrow morning I hop on a train en-route to Chicago, to head out to CHA! Now you might be wondering, why I'm going so early...well, I am actually going to the trade show CHA first! I am accompanying my mom, who has been a member of CHA for about 25 years, and was just featured in the CHA make sure you check out the article on my mom, Roxie!

I am going specifically to get some great contacts for my digital art store, Frenzified, and to help get some contacts for my mom's business, Geiser-Weaver Assoc., LLC. The supershow at CHA July 30-31 I will not make however, because we decided to go visit family outside Chicago then, so I may or may not see some of ya'lls faces while out
Anyways, I hop on a train at 10am tomorrow (though I still have to work a night shift at my full-time job's gonna be a long couple of days!). So, if you don't hear from me this week, its because I'm at CHA!
Hopefully I can post some pictures afterwards or during for all those who can't come.
Hugs all!

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