Monday, August 9, 2010

Back from CHA...and fighting off a cold

Ok. So I got back from CHA all safe and sound....however...about 2 days after getting home from my trip...I started to get sick with a summer cold...I'm still fighting it off today, coughing and hacking like no other, hence why it took me so long to get on here and post anything. But at least I did have some great memories, which I will show ya'll now! (I apologize for the crappy photo camera kept dying, so I used my phone's camera. )

( This is the Philly 30th St. Station...where I left on my journey out to Chicago.)

(Then I had a brief 1 hr layover at the DC Union Station...enough time to grab lunch and see this beautiful ceiling...)

(On the first night there was so many people at the "Meet Rosemont" event! So much food and so many people chit chatting! And this cool Welcome back CHA sign!)

(Day 1: First stop, The Fancy Pants Designs booth!)

(This was one of my favorite layouts in the Fancy Pants Designs booth)

(Pink Paislee time!)

(They had such a cute table setup!)

(Tattered Angels! They had an awesome funky sprayed album demo!)

(October Afternoon! Another fav!)

(some layouts by OA)

(More adorable layouts by OA)

(What a cute card make-n-take!)

(Some demos from the class my Mom and I took, so vintage!)

(Me and my mom at the CHA entrance, on the last day of our trip at CHA...saying our goodbyes! *tear*)

(The beautiful view from my seat on the plane ride home)

 (Get me off of this plane!...We landed...but then sat in Philly for almost an hr while we had to wait for a place to be made for our plane)

(Still sitting here...I want off!)

(You can tell I was bored and wanted off...this was my other view, besides a older gentleman next to my right, who did not want to be in my

(Yay...they are finally about to let us off the plane)

(I get off the plane from the airport, but because they were so slow...and my bagage was so slow to get to me, I missed my train to get from the airport to my house....poo! Now I have to wait another hour till the next one comes! Argh!)

(My bag made it through the trip...even if it was bursting with creativity inside!)

(and now the loot! Here is some of the stuff I got from make-n-takes, classes, or just stopping by the different booths)

(More loot!....and there actually is an entire bag full of stuff I had to leave with my mom at her house, because I couldn't fit it in my bag for the plane ride! So there is probably at least 1 more table of loot photo that will have to be take

All in all it was a fun trip! And I got these nifty sunglasses from Cricut Imagine. Too bad I didn't win one of the machines for wearing the sunglasses around CHA. lol. Darn!

I had a grand time at CHA, then traveling to see my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin north of Chicago for a little over a day, then trekking over to see my Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins on the other side of Illinois, near the St. Louis border...and then trekking over to my Mom's home for an evening before hopping on a plane back home. I know...busy week it was! But I did get a pleasant surprise from my mom for an early Xmas present...a Photocentric Stamp Maker Machine! Thank you so much, my dearest mom! It won't get to me till the end of the month, but this was the ONE and ONLY item at CHA that I was so freaking excited to get my hands on, above everything else. I can't wait to try it out, and turn all of the Frenzified digis into acrylic clear stamps! Woo! If any of you would like any, I plan on doing a "test round" so let me know what design/digi you are interested in the most as a stamp! :)
On to other things... I am still busy working on my card club's August "manly" themed cards...I'm just struggling and am stuck, but eventually I'll have to get going on them.
Also, Frenzified's Fall Forever set is still up for grabs for anyone, and don't forget to get yourself the Acorn digi freebie if you haven't already, over at
Ok, time for me to get some shut eye (I just got back from working a night shift at my "real" I gotta be alive for tomorrow's
Have a great evening or morning all!

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