Monday, August 30, 2010

Falling deeper in love

Ok. So I know I should of posted this last week, but I've been uber busy this past week. So August 23rd was my 2nd wedding anniversary and 6 years together anniversary with my hubby. We did the low-key celebration this year. Since 2-years anniversary is supposed to be Cotton and China, we did the following: A shirt and pj for each of us, I got the hubs a "china" aka. glass (since we don't do china really) shot glass set and the hubs took me out for Chinese food (it was a classy chinese food place though). It was a simple night, but always reminds me that the simple things in like make me love life and my hubs. Here is the card I made for him. I used a little skunky, since at our wedding, we were the "two skunks in love" table theme. hehe
Also below are some photos from our Chinese food excurtion. :)

(the anniversary card I made for my hubs)

The hubs


I promise I have a lot more cards in store for ya'll later this week (I actually got some cards done over the weekend for once), so stay tuned for more crafty fun!
Later all.

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