Sunday, September 19, 2010

Setting the stage

Sorry I've been MIA recently...I know I know, I say that a lot, but I have been busy busy busy with work and the show I was in. Last night was our final performance, so I finally have some free time to hop in and fill everyone in.
I was in an original musical, written by a local music writer, called "Week Between the Holidays" and it was part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. We had sold out shows for all 3 shows, and the two evening performances were so packed that they sold "standing room" tickets towards the end. lol. Besides the fact that I got sick (stuffy/runny nose and blocked ears, but luckily I never lost my voice) from Thursday all the way through all the shows, they went well. There will be a soundtrack recorded here soon with the original cast (hopefully I'll be well by the time that happens) that anyone can purchase. More information will be at the website soon,
Anyways, here's a few pictures for the road to hold you over and giggle over. I ended up going through basically my entire card stash of cards I've made to give to the cast and crew, so I think I need to get started on making more cards to replenish it! haha
Here is an article in one of the local papers about the show: springfield sun article

 (That's me on the far left...I play an ex-nun named Mary Catherine)

(Have I mentioned I think I look crazy in these then again the character is a little crazy)

More pictures are on the website and on that news article, and on the show's facebook.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the change in weather that is coming our way! Hooray! I love fall!
Later all!

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