Friday, October 15, 2010

Cards for Co-Workers

In a tv announcer voice: "And now for another edition of Cards for Co-Workers"
hehe. Ok, sorry about that, I just think this might become a special part of my blog- "Cards for Co-Workers"...kinda has a ring to it, don't you think? lol
ANYWAYS, sorry to keep you all waiting. I still haven't gotten new batteries for my camera, but in the meantime I did take some photos with my camera on my iphone. They are not the best quality, ok...they are stinky quality, but take what you can get. So here are some cards I made for co-workers. I still have a handful requested to make that I"m still working on, so I'll post those laters. I also have some scrapbook pages I did at the Crop-For-A-Cure that I haven't photographed yet and need to post. So much fun stuff left to do! Maybe I'll have some time this weekend (*crossing fingers*).

 (Wedding Card)

 (inside of that wedding card)

 (birthday card)

 (Another Wedding card)

(Friend birthday card)

Besides making cards for my co-workers, I've been busy with my new adorable kitty cat, Wendy. Since my beloved C.J. passed away, the hubs and I couldn't deal without having a little furry something in the house, so we got Wendy on our wedding anniversary Aug. 23rd. She's a little handful at times, but yet so adorably cute! Don't you think?
 (The first week we had cute!)

 (She loves laying in the sink...haha)

(She has this fascination with the bathroom for some

Anyways, have a great weekend and stay tuned for more fun stuff!

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