Friday, April 20, 2012

Bar Cart is complete!

I finally finished my Bar cart with the help of my hubs and my mom.

This is what we started with (I found the cart on the side of the road, next to someone's trash):

After one coat of spray paint and sanding, it looked like this:

This was the fabric I picked up:

And here is the end result (with the before next to it):

Basically we sanded and scraped the old plastic/metal from the cart. Then spray painted it 3 times with metalic silver spray paint. Then, I made a pattern out of paper for the inset areas. I cut out some one-sided stick batting to make the fabric stiff and easier to adhere to the metal. I then cut out the fabric from the patterns and adhered the batting to the fabric. After it was all ironed, I adhered the batted fabric to the cart with a heafty mod-podge adhesive I spread over the metal before dropping the fabric pieces ontop and smoothing out.
So far (it's been a few days) it is doing well and adhered like a charm.

I'm super proud of how this project turned out, considering what it started out with. yay! Now I have a super cute bar cart!


  1. MAJOR transformation! I love it and love the metalic paint - great choice. Thanks for linking up to our Friday Block Party at Curb Alert! Hope to see you again this Friday.

  2. What a great transformation!! I love the fabric you chose for it!


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