Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas cards and Happy Holidays!

Since we only have 2 more days till Christmas, I thought it was about time to show off some of the Christmas cards I made this year. I didn't make every card different, but they all are uniquely their own. I had a large number to make this year (over 50) and boy did it take me a few days of all-day card-making to get them done. So here are just a handful of the Holiday cards I made this year.

Doesn't look like much, but this is only half of the cards.

Stay tuned for our 2012 end of the year letter I designed (and I'm mighty proud to say the least), along with a few pics from our "end of the world" party. haha
Stay tuned and I hope you all enjoyed these Holiday cards this year. :D

Oh, and I guess I could share a few pics from my hubs' work party- getting all dressed up and all.

And have I mentioned how much I love peppermint kisses (and Ice cream!)?

And with that, I will leave you all with an adorable picture of Miss Wendy in a box. ;)

Happy Holidays!

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