Thursday, July 18, 2013's Wednesday night already?

Sorry I'm so behind this week gang. I've been booked to the brim with working full-time, rehearsal for Grease, and tonight (working night shift for a co-worker). Somehow I managed to get to the store to pick up a few things we really needed (and things I didn't need as well- Who really can pass up a good clearance sale- certainly not me!). Stay tuned for more of my thriftings for Thrifty Thursday!

So this Work it Wednesday, I'll give you a low-down of what I'm working on right now...

1) Creating some of the props for Grease- basically the "awards" Miss Lynch gives at the dance contest. Since I'm Miss Lynch in this here production, I thought it would be fitting that I created them. (DIY post to come, if they turn out good, lol).

2) Picked up 2 adult lounge tubes so we can go "Tubing down the River" for our friend's birthday this coming Sunday. I also got a new bathing suit (which I haven't done in MANY years). Paid a little more than I expected, as I had thought it was on sale, but it wasn't (and I didn't notice till long gone from Target), but it IS really cute.
I got these tubes from Target for $8 each.

3) Moving the bar cart to the kitchen and dressing it up with the $2 basket and $5 (originally $15 but was on clearance due to a missing magnet for the door) lime green lantern. (photos to be coming soon).

4) Adding a few pops of blue to our dining room, since the black, brown and gold is getting to be too neutral for me. I found a super great circle tray at the Goodwill for $7, a blue table cloth for $2 (also at Goodwill) and 4 blue placemats from the Dollar Store for $4. I had everything else around the house! (photos to come soon as well).

5) Making room for the hubs' homemade arcade system he is making from a hacked Wii system and a small old tv. (It's going basically where our bar cart WAS in the dining room, near our bar area). Somewhat inspired by stuff like this:

6) Tidying up our living room bookcases- organizations, etc. They are so cluttered right now!

7) Making a skirt for our hideous (but I can't afford to replace at this time) sink in our powder room downstairs. I basically found the most awesome fabric sheet at the Goodwill for $2.50 and I knew it would be the most awesome thing ever. Now to get around to sewing it... as well as someday shortening our curtains in our kitchen, that I should of done ages (me = terrible sewing...but trying to learn better!)

8) Someday finishing our "garden" on the side of the house (in the photo below, its the spot in front of the fence to the left of the house) and tackling the MANY projects of the backyard (tearing out the one flower bed, removing the bricks in it, tearing down the side shed, fixing the fence, clearing behind our big shed, de-weed everything, "hopeful" someday making a tire swing, re-covering the benches that got trashed by the mean ol' neighbor kitty cat!, among other things...)

9) Touch up painting my bedroom vanity, and painting black our side tables (to match the rest of the black furniture) and maybe updating out lampshades. Our bedroom is SO close to being done, but yet so far away... *sigh*

10) Working on decorations, centerpieces, invitations, basket giveaways, etc. for the Newtown Arts Company's 30th Anniversary Gala. As well as working on my mom's business' design overhaul. (new logo! yay!) and fixing up my step-dad's blog, when I get a chance...haha

So much to do (or plans to do)... What is all on your plate these days? What projects do you have up your sleeve?

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