Thursday, July 25, 2013

4th of July Banana cake disaster

Ok. So I realized I never shared with ya'll our 4th of July cake. It may be because it ended kind of in disaster, but normally I try to keep things real on this here blog and share the disasters as well as the awesomeness.

So, for our friends' 4th of July BBQ, my hubs made a Banana Pudding cake (banana cake with banana slices in the middle and banana pudding also in the middle, with cream cheese icing). However, he kind of used too much pudding in between the layers and the cake started to slide before I could even put the icing on. So we stuck a dowel rod in the middle and I went to work on the icing. In the end of the "decorations phase" I added some sprinkles, banana slices with sprinkles, and dressed up the dowel rod with 4th of July stars. I'm no professional in cake decorating, but I thought it worked nicely for what I had to work with. Looks cute right?

What you don't see, is what happened next...
It was an EXTREMELY hot summer day and neither of our cars have working air conditioning at the moment. In the 20 minute drive to our friends' house, the icing started to melt. Yes, you read that right- MELT. Then we found out our friends' air conditioning in the house was ALSO busted, and the poor cake just kept melting. By the time it would of been time to eat it, it looked so sad and gross. My hubs and I ate some (and one other friend) out of pity for the poor cake, but overall- it was a melted banana mess.

(One cool thing however did happen- the sprinkles melted into the banana slices on top, making them somewhat candied. How cool is that?!)

So the moral of this story- 
1) Don't use a lot of pudding in a banana cake 
2) Don't serve that cake in non-air conditioned locations.

We can laugh about it now, but it does make me a little sad it didn't stay looking this cute.
Here is what a similar cake we made (but without the pudding) for a friend's Tony Awards Party- It did NOT melt. haha

 Anyone else have any cake disasters?
Hugs all!

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