Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorites Friday: Pools, Prisoners and Giant Robots!

Hey all, Welcome to another fun Favorites Friday, filled with some of my favorites of this week (and last week, since my days have been pretty busy lately).

1. Sodastream's Diet Cranberry Raspberry: I picked up this flavor for my Sodastream last week- I wanted to try something new for once. It is quite tasty and tastes so much better than just plain ol' diet soda.

2. Netflix original "Orange is the new Black": My hubs got me into this show. It is an original series put out by Netflix, focused around a woman's experience in prison. It is actually quite funny, and you learn to like a good portion of the characters, along with all their quirks and crazy tendencies.

3. "Pacific Rim" movie: We went and saw this movie a week or so ago for a date night. My hubs really wanted to see it and I went along for the ride. It was a pleasant surprise when I started to actually like it. haha. It reminded me of Transformers/Power Rangers in Voltron mode versus Godzilla/dinosaurs. The characters were likeable, the female lead was so much more badass than most movies in this genre (she's no wimpy Megan Fox), and there was some great visual effects. Don't expect a earth-shattering storyline, but it was good fun to watch.

4. Intex 10 ft x 30 inch Inflatable Pool: We purchased this pool (it was on sale!) last weekend at Target. It fits nicely in our backyard and is great to just relax in. It isn't really big enough to do much hardcore swimming in for adults, but with a dollar store tube, I could still do some water exercises. For under $65, it was worth it, and hopefully will last us a while.

5. Smart Ones' Swedish Meatballs: I've been in a swedish meatballs/stroganoff kick lately, and have tried both Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine's versions. I find the Smart Ones' version to be WAY better for once. Two thumbs up Smart Ones! (and it is only 7 Weight watchers points plus!)

Have a great weekend! I hope you don't get as bad of sunburn as I did this past weekend! Aloe is my new best friend!


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