Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Year in Review Infographic Letter

Once again this year I created an Infographic style End-of-the-Year Letter that I sent along with my Christmas cards. I took the basic layout that I did last year, and changed up the icons, changed up some colors of things, fonts and of course- new things happened this year, so new text!

I got the cat, people, and car icons from Nicole's Classes, where the rest I created myself (ornaments, star, heart, house, megaphone, word bubble and banner). Last year I created all the icons myself, but this year, I just didn't have the time to change the ones I wanted different and I found these to be too cute. I kept the house icon the same as last year (just different colors) and added our little house sign to it, since that is what our house looks like now. ;)
A friend of mine liked last year's so much, she decided to do something similar with her Christmas letter, and told me flat out- "Yeah, I totally stole your idea." It's ok hun, it is super cute, and I got the idea from many others on Pinterest myself! lol
Have a very Happy New Year everyone!

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