Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Updates around the house- Sunshade for deck, Firepit chairs, Pergo hallway and picket fence updates (to name a few)

So I've been kind of MIA from the blog-o here, partially due to lots of things happening in life, but also due to lack of energy to blog- I blame my new found exercise regime- wears me out. lol. (You can check out my trials with weight loss and exercise over at Stepping with Smiles, btw.)
Among many things (such as working full-time and rehearsal for a theater cabaret I got roped into doing) hubs and I have been doing some minor updates to the humble abode.
Check out some of the fun stuff we've completed around the house recently:

Sunshade added above the corner benches
Now things are shaded from the sun a little better. 
We originally made it even, but after some thought, we made these two front posts shorter, so the shade would be at a angle- making it better during rain time
It worked out nice when we had friends over- this was where everyone hung out for our Murder Mystery night- along with some tasty dinner also served on the deck.

 Firepit chair update
The before- the metal was a little worn (these actually went with our dining room table- but they just took up too much room- with having the arm rests) 
After- all bright (we did 2 in the yellow/green and 2 in the blue) 
We mixed them up with the other chairs we have (from our patio set- but we could just use the neon chairs if we moved the patio table to actually eat around)
Firepit time!

 Pergo hallway redo
I come home one day, and the hubs has torn up all the old carpet in our upstairs hallway...
...and started to remove all the carpet from the stairs. 
So much under-carpet padding. bleh

The scary stairs...
But, it ended nicely- here is after the pergo is put down.
And now with doorway edger put in. Yay!

Picket Fence update

Hubs tore down all the original fence- and put up new back braces (he fixed that middle spot that was all weird)
So many pickets!
After the new back braces put up- he then re-put up each picket one at a time.

Pickets are now even across the top- however, since our yard is at an angle, there looks like a gap underneath- hence why we want flowers to go in front of the fence. lol.
With the spare old back braces from the old fencing hubs made this cute little plateform/deck to the barshed. Eventually we will paint it to match the shed

 De-weeding flower beds

I spent a good portion of a day de-weeding this flower bed and removing grass that had gotten into the bed. exhausting work.
but our flowers are so pretty!
Oh spring flowers!
Sadly though- the front porch looks a little pitiful till the bucket flowers bloom

Other happenings...
Oh, yeah- we also finally added a ladder to the loft in the barshed!
We cooked on the grill for the first time this season! 
We saw the newest Captain America Movie... 
I got back into tracking my diet and exercising more... 
... and Wendy continued to be cute.
I'm hoping to finish painting the fences all white, painting the stairs (once the staples are ripped out), finish redoing the dining room and possibly adding sheer curtains to the deck sunshade area- whenever I get the free time to do so. (I know, the ToDo list keeps growing). This weekend I'll be doing another "Once Upon a Time" at Barnes & Noble with some friends (aka- a lot of us dressing up as storybook characters and reading to kids), as well as a girls crafty night on Saturday. I'll have to share some crafty projects later too (along with what I finished during the Stampin' Up! weekend getaway with my mom, which I still have neglected to share with ya'll.).
May the todo list keep growing and projects keep getting done to check off that list. lol
Have a great day!


  1. You have been very very busy! It all looks great!

    1. thanks! I guess I'm one of those people who would rather be busy than not. lol


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