Friday, April 10, 2015

Wedding card and gift for a friend

So not that long ago, a friend of mine got married. I met her while doing a show- where we played "sisters" in a production. It was such a lovely wedding.
Now that she's married, I can show off the card and gift I gave her.
First, her card was using a cute Stampin' Up stamp set I came across while on the Stampin Up getaway weekend with my mom.
The bride had mentioned to me previously that she loved jewel-tones (which the wedding was themed around) and that she loved things in the honeycomb shape. So that is what I went with for the theme.

Madcap Frenzy's wedding card

Madcap Frenzy's wedding card inside

For the gift, I decided to go more "cute" theme. I decided to go with a picnic basket/bag with cute tag sayings on the items included. I came across these cute printable tags I found here, and I tweaked many in Photoshop to fit my needs after finding some adorable additions for the bag. (I even managed to figure out what font they used so it all matched).

Madcap Frenzy's wedding gift for Life's a Picnic

What was one of the best/cutest items you've gotten as a wedding gift in the past? One of my favorite items we got for our wedding was a "1st Christmas" ornament set, which we still put on our tree to this day. I always love the thoughtful gifts you get in your lives.
As the spring/summer continues, more and more weddings happen. Here's a toast and many well wishes to those happy couples.
Have a great day!

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