Friday, April 8, 2016

Broken Mirror turned Giant Wall Clock

Now you might of seen this clock make an appearance in the background in some of my previous posts. So I thought it was due time to admit an embarrassing mishap which turned into this giant wall clock...

giant wall clock diy from old mirror

...Well, it all started many years ago. A good friend of ours' grandmother died and they were trying to unload some of her furniture. I always wanted a vanity and she had a cool retro one with a huge round mirror. We tried to get it into our cars- but it was too wide, so our friend agreed to have her husband drop it off at our house on his way home from work later in the week. At the time we were renting a house from another friend. This house only had one door that worked/didn't stick- the front door- so we only ever went out of that door.
I guess my friend's husband thought I had already gone to work, so he leaned the big ol' mirror against the screen door to the front door- so I'd be sure to see it when I got home. Problem with that though- I was working night shift that day. I had been sleeping in late when he stopped by, so I didn't hear him lean it against the screen door. When I went to leave for work, I opened the door and BAM, CRASH! I knocked over the big mirror, shattering it all across the front porch. You see the screen door was one of those doors that the bottom half is one big panel- so you can't see anything that is leaned against it. Needless to say, I was kind of devastated and embarrassed. Where the HELL was I going to get a mirror that big to replace it? At the time we just didn't have the money to get a custom fit round mirror, as we were nearing closing on our first home.
Fast forward to earlier this year- I had carted that piece of wood around to our new house, determined to DIY it into something. I then got the idea to make it into a BIG wall clock.
I looked up numbers that you can buy at the hardware store, but they were again- just too darn costly. Then while cruising the dollar store I came across these foam numbers. So I spray painted them and then glued them to the wood round.
numbers for giant wall clock diy from old mirror

giant wall clock diy from old mirror

My hubs helped me install the hands to the clock from a clock kit we got. Tada! Big wall clock!

giant wall clock diy from old mirror

However, now that it's been on our wall for a while, I have noticed at night, it's hard to see the black hands. Next chance I get to pick up some gold paint, I think I might paint the hands gold to match the numbers, and make it stand out on the brown wood. But that's for another day. ;P
Anyways, I decided it had been long enough, so I better come clean on the story behind this big clock. lol

giant wall clock diy from old mirror

Hope this gives you ideas for what to do when you break a mirror. You don't have to just settle for many years of bad luck- turn it into something else fun!
Have a great day all!

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