Friday, September 15, 2017

Favorites Friday: Being Comfortable and Keeping Kiddo Happy

So now that Favorites Fridays are coming back to the blogo- I'm going to introduce you also to some of my son's favorites. So not only do you get 5 things that I am loving, but also 5 things that my little munchkin is loving! Win!

Let's start with my favs:

1. Five Below Black Suede knotted flats: Ok- so I know- I really should invest in some higher quality flats, but honestly- these are so comfortable AND affordable. I beat up my flats and usually go through black flats every few months, so only paying $5 for a pair (sometimes less when on sale) is totally up my alley. I find their flats to not be too tight on the backs of my heels and don't break the bank.
2. LuLaRoe Perfect Tee:  Yes- I sell LuLaRoe, but honestly, even if I didn't- the Perfect Tee would be my go-to top. Like many LuLaRoe newbies I tried Irmas and Leggings to start, but once I tried a Perfect Tee on- it because my default top in my closet. I don't know how many I own, but it is a lot- because I wear them just about every other day with skirts (preferably the Cassie skirt) but also pants too! I have a few I can wear with leggings as I got them a tad bigger for that purpose- but the main reason I love them is that they are flattering and perfect to hide my mommy flub. I am ALL for anything that hides my pudge!
3. LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt:  Now hear me out- I know many of you scoff when you hear someone talk about a pencil skirt. But really- this skirt is da-bomb! I pair it with Perfect Tees and basically wear this with boots (during fall/winter) and sandals, heels or flats (during the spring/summer) for work. It is dressy enough but also comfortable enough for me to wear this combo basically every other day to work. It has a yoga waistband- so it gives you pretty much no crazy muffin top if worn with proper undies- and shows off your curves all while being made out of comfy stretchy fabric. Believe me- I am NOT a size 0, and this skirt makes me feel fab. My hubs loves it too. haha
4. Diet Dr. Pepper: I know what you're thinking- a Diet soda? Way to be healthy. shhh. I know, but honestly I don't know what I'd do without my one-a-day bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. My Nana started drinking this many years ago, and as a kid I always laughed and made a face when she'd hand me one, but as an adult- its my go-to soda. My day job coworkers must also agree- because the vending machine carries 3 full rows of it (more then any other beverage) and if they don't restock by the end of the week- its totally all gone. haha. Give it a try!
5. Me & My Big Ideas Create 365 Planner Box Kit- Best Year Ever: This past Christmas I begged my hubs to get me a cool planner and stickers so I could stay organized and then turn it into a fun journal/scrapbook. I do adore this planner- it can expand pages, it is colorful, leaves room for lots of fun writing/stickers and the month view is my fav- perfect size! Now all I need is to find a good purse that will fit it- as this baby has basically stretched out my shoulder bag, because I try to cram it inside with all my stack of stickers along with. haha. Anyone have any suggestions on crossbody-style purses that can handle this awesome planner?

Now to my son's favs (FYI- he's 19 months old, for those that want to know age range. lol)

1. The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Cups: So my son has a habit of throwing and/or hiding his sippy cups- so these puppies are great because they don't spill often (they do occasionally open up- but only rarely if I don't close it properly) and are pretty cheap. We bought a handful of the packages on Amazon- and honestly- I like them so much better then my 360 cups for the sheer ease of cleaning them. As much as I ADORE the 360 cups- because that is how we got our son off the bottle and they pretty much NEVER spill, they are a PAIN in the butt to clean. So if you hate cleaning dishes/cups- these are great in the dishwasher and overall clean up well for how cheap the price point is. These were basically how we taught our son to use a straw and he still loves them!
2. EZPZ Happy Mat One-piece silicone placemat+ plate: Another mommy blog suggested one of these types of plates and honestly- I don't know what I'd do without them. We go to sushi every week (yes my son adores sushi) and we've been using this at the restaurant every week- and it always does great. We use them at home too- but I think they are the bomb when at restaurants. Mega props to whoever invented these kinds of placemat/plates. :D
3. Moana on Netflix: I know many parents can attest to Moana being a big-time favorite movie in their house, and ours is no different. I also have found that the first 1/4 of the movie (basically up until "You're Welcome") has a somewhat calming factor- especially when close to nap time or bed time. Often times my son doesn't even make it to the above mentioned song, as the waves and music make him calm to sleep. Honestly- I think it was one of the better Disney animations in a while and I don't think there is a single song that I outright hate in this movie. Even though I've heard the songs about a bazillion times- I still can sing along and not be annoyed with them (*yet*). Bravo Disney!
4. Beat Bugs on Netflix: This show we ran across very early on in my sons life- and it so far has been a staple in our house whenever he is having an extreme freakout. He isn't the greatest socializer with people he doesn't know, so this show has helped him warm up to babysitters, but also gets him dancing all the time. He claps and smiles and dances and even hums to the catchy tunes. I've never been much of a Beatles fan, but I actually really do like this show and the music. When he sees the logo or even any clip of the show- he points and smiles and does a happy dance. We actually plan to be 3 of the 5 main characters for our family Halloween costume. ;D
5. Pediped flex Hayden sneaker in brown and blue:  Believe me- I didn’t pay $50 for shoes for my son. I lucked out and got a used pair of these babies for $5 from a mommy consignment sale. But honestly- if I could only invest in a single pair of shoes for my son- these would be it. He has extremely fat feet (chunky on the top of his foot) and these are so easy to get on his cubby feetsies, but also the velcro is strong enough that he can't undo them as easily. My kid is pretty smart at figuring out how to get out of shoes and socks- so anything that keeps him in them- I'm all about.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoyed our favorites of the week! I'll be busy going to a local Ren Faire followed by having a Yard Sale and Open House this weekend. Busy bee!
What are your plans for the weekend?

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