Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Workin' it! Wednesday: Blog updates and getting back in the groove of life

Ok. So I know that my life will NEVER be the same now that I'm a mom- it hasn't been for the past 19 months. My son is so freakin' adorable- but also a giant handful. He likes to cause trouble, get into things, destroy things- all the while smiling from ear to ear and giving me a big hug afterwards.
I know I've been super silent on the blogo this past 19 months since my son was born. Life just got a little crazy for a while.

Besides having my son, I got into selling LuLaRoe on the side (besides doing my day job of video graphics design), as well as ended up directing "Beauty and the Beast" at the one local community theater this past August. Believe me- I don't know what I was thinking when I said yes- I think my hormones were all out of whack when they asked me last September/October. But it turned out great- it just was a LOT of work with a very wild almost-toddler running around under my feet at rehearsals.

However, finally- things are starting to settle down and I'm ready to get back into things. I'm determined to get back in the groove of blogging- as honestly I miss it. I miss the community, I miss just typing it all out. So for now- I'm back! I may not post nearly as often as I used to, but I want to add in my "Mom Life" feelings to the blogo here as well as my usual stuff. So my random weekly features are getting a little overhaul. As much as I LOVE link parties, I just don't have the energy or time to run them, so my Totally Tuesday feature is getting swapped to "Totally Inspired Tuesday"- basically things that are inspiring me! My Mom Life posts will take over for Mondays for "Mommy Monday." The rest of my weekly features will stay the same- Workin' it! Wednesday (Basically anything that I'm working on that week- be it food, projects, home DIY, recipes, etc.), Thrifty Thursday (All the deals and finds!) and Favorites Friday- my FAVs for the week.

Check out my hand-dandy info graphic for the lowdown:

So- if you were a follower a while ago, or even if you are just popping in new just now- Welcome (or as my son's favorite movie Moana says "You're Welcome!")!
My life has changed a LOT from last time I was an avid blogger- so bear with me, as things are a changin'. But hopefully you still enjoy everything you find here on the good ol' blog of mine. Hugs to you all and looking forward to getting back in the groove of blogging and chatting with you all again!

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