Friday, October 20, 2017

Workin' It: Decluttering One Day a Week

Truth: Adulting is Hard. Also true: Decluttering after having a kid- SUPER HARD!

Have you ever looked around at your possessions and thought- do I really need all this stuff? Well that has become me since pretty much the moment my son was born. I feel like when you enter parenthood you just acquire soooooo much stuff, in addition to all the stuff you had before they came into your life. Pretty soon all you have is a house FULL of stuff. Stuff to keep your kid fed, clean and clothed, stuff to keep them busy and happy, stuff to teach them- a whole lot of STUFF.
So I made a decision earlier this month that I would pick one room a week to focus on and declutter the stuff.
How have I done so far? Well- I am 90% done with our bedroom, 90% done with our kitchen, 75% done with our living room and 95% done with our sons room. Overall that's pretty good if you ask me. However- none of these rooms are truly done. I don't know if its just that last 10-25% I just am so tired after working on the room that I give up, or if I just don't know what to do with the remaining 10% of stuff- but its been frustrating me. Have any of you had that feeling?
Next on our docket of cleanup is our Laundry Room, Bathrooms, Dining Room/Spare fun space, Spare bedroom and the backyard. The backyard is really my hubs domain- so I've been avoiding that space all summer/fall, because honestly- it is kinda terrifying at the moment. The Spare bedroom is the other space that I just dread- as it has become the catch-all spot for things that either need to go to the attic for storage or I don't know where to put it. Luckily no one has needed to stay over in our house most of the year- because they'd cry if they walked in there.

So what does the rooms that are *almost* decluttered looking like? What are some of my new found organization? Let me share:

Let's start with my son's room: 95% done
We removed 2 gigantic bookcases out of his room as they were just too big and darkened up the room (not to mention he didn't need that much storage space) and swapped them with 2 cube cases we had downstairs. We moved the big cases downstairs to help our living room with storage. We converted his crib to a toddler bed (don't ask about how that transition is going- as that's a story for another day). His kid-bookcase was moved into his closet and dresser moved to that wall, so now he has a book nook corner where we can sit and read in the recliner. He likes to grab books and hand them to me and then crawl up on my lap to sit and read them to him. I added chalkboard labels to his dresser so we can start to teach him the names of what goes in each drawer. I also then made all his storage containers for use in the cubes to contain all his toys. We are still working on the whole- clean up part of the room from the kiddo. He's kind of a "let's take ALL the toys out first- then I'll decide what I want to play with" kind of kid. haha. Last thing we did was install a baby gate in the hallway. This way he can't get to the stairs, nor the hall bathroom without us, nor the spare bedroom, but he can get to our room if our door is open. That way he can play in his room and I can be in my room without much fuss. He's favorite thing to do though since it was installed is run back and forth between our rooms. haha. All we have left to do is deal with the giant empty wall space behind his bed, and clear out the odds and ends that are at the top 2 shelves of his closet.
Too bad he LOVES pulling his toys out and throwing them everywhere- so at least I *try* to keep his room clean. lol

Now on to my bedroom: 90% done
I first tackled all the STUFF that had become taking space on our floor, as our bedroom became one of those rooms we'd move stuff when company came over- since who's going to go in your bedroom when they visit? (Admit it- you've done that!). Then I tackled my closet. I honestly hadn't gone through my closet of clothes since I was pregnant- so I had a LOT of clothes that didn't fit me then- still don't fit, so was time to pull them. I reorganized by style (Skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, pants) and color (my favorite way of doing my closet). I also moved ALL my jewelry into a over the door mega jewelry case my hubs got me for my birthday in Feb. My only beef with the organizer is it doesn't do well with bulky necklaces (which since I like costume jewelry- is a problem) but I've found places for them. The last major thing on my list for our bedroom was finding a home for my crafting cabinets- which for a period of time after I had my son I moved them into our bedroom because I thought I'd craft in our bedroom (HAHA- yeah- no.). Those babies moved downstairs into our Dining Room/Play area, as that space is going to be a play area for both kiddo and my crafting, as well as dining space. I still have to finish moving a few odds and ends that go in those cabinets (or declutter the cabinets so it all fits) as well as rearrange the furniture, as the flow through the room is all wonky. (Also fix our headboard, as a piece fell off. lol)

The Kitchen: 90% done
This one I feel like I got the most done in. First, I went through our plates/cups cabinets- which took up 3 cabinets. I got rid of random coffee cups and mis-matched items first, and then kept only plastic plates, cups and bowls- since right now my son breaks everything that is glass known to man. (Toddler + breakable= disaster). I then wrapped up our set of glass dishware into a storage box for use in a few years (when he isn't into throwing things) as well as all glass cups. I put our wine glasses on the top top shelf and everything else is everyday use. I narrowed our dishware down to 2 cabinets- freeing up 1 cabinet for food storage. Since we don't have a true pantry, this was crucial. I rearranged the "home" for many of our food equipment that stay on the counters or above the shelves, cleaned up on top of the fridge, as well as put many of our snacks/pack lunch items in a shoe organizer over the door. I also put our sons sippy cups and baby silverware in that organizer too- since it holds it so much better then a cabinet! My main focus for the kitchen was to just get rid of the sheer amount of knick knack kitchen stuff! The last thing we need to tackle is our pots/pans & tupperware cabinets and do a good scrub clean of everything- but overall- almost there!
Snacks and Sippy Cup/kiddo silverware storage for the win!

The Living Room: 75% done
When we moved down the bookcases from our sons room (and 2 of the cubes upstairs) we were forced to clean this room up sooner then on my schedule. Many moons ago we had these bookcases in this same place, but when we moved them upstairs- we put chalkboards on the wall to help with the blank wall space. Now that the bookcases are back- I know I know, those chalkboards gotta go. Anyways- we rearranged the couch to its tradition L shape, put my computer desk in the corner next to it and brought some more cube storage containers for my sons toys that are downstairs. We went through his toys and only kept what fit in 4 containers downstairs along with a few big items that he likes to walk around with (shopping cart & sit airplace)- rest went upstairs to his room. My hubs' computer joined the space of the bookcase, since he always says he doesn't need much desk space or might try a standing desk setup. The top 3 shelves we filled with his books and our records & record player. Bottom 2 shelves are for the kiddo. Only thing left for this room is finishing up the cleanup of my computer desk and attaching a fake fireplace that we acquired from the theater production we directed and was donated by a local church to us personally. I am gleefully excited for Xmas time when it is all setup- stockings- Yay! Also down the line I'd really like to find a better way of hiding cords and making our under-the-couch space not a constant deadzone for our son's toys and cups.
Don't mind my pile of laundry (that has since moved. lol) But look how clean!!!!

Almost there organization wise! Wee!

Once I get more of the rooms cleaned up and organized, I'll pop in and share more. I'll also share with you all the finish rooms if I ever get them done. haha. Organization when you are a working mom is TOUGH. I've only done 4 rooms total in a month and I'm not even done with those 100% yet! So fellow Working Moms & Dads (and even my non-working parents)- sending heart-felt good vibes. We can do this! Let's get Organized one step at a time!

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