Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a bunch of Hearts


heart stamps...I finally got some!

So I went out today and got me stuff for my secret swap sister. I am set for the next 3 more months- Feb, March, and April on stuff. I just have to do one altered item for each of those and my packages are all set to go. 
Today I kinda went a little "buck-wild" and got some stuff at Micheal's, Target, and the Cropping Station. I girl-scout-promised my hubby after today that I am not going to buy any more craft supplies for a LONG time, since we are determined to fully pay off our credit cards as soon as we can (which I might add I did NOT use to buy the stuff today). Luckily we got an extra paycheck each of us this month, so we had a tiny bit of extra cash to back us up.  Next on the list of save ups is for a future house. Apartment life will do till we save up enough money for a decent down-payment, payed off our credit card, and made a dent in my student loan. Goals, goals, goals. That is what I strive for.
Today was not one of my "good" days. I basically forgot to eat all day until about 7pm. And when I did eat, my hubby didn't want to cook because he is sick today, so we ordered pizza. I had part of a chicken and cheddar cheese pizza. It at least isn't pepperoni, which gives me heartburn- I've learned from that. I'm glad I got to make a card tonight, but not proud of me spending more money than I expected to today, nor am I proud of my eating habits for the day. But we all have bad days once and a while.

- white and pink paper by The Paper Company complete color set
- Chatterbox "Love Note" designer paper
- heart stamps by Pink Paislee- Stripe, polka dot, and scallop heart stamps
- ink-Adirondack Brights Watermelon
Fiscars scallop punch
- red satin ribbon by ???

Hope the card works for you all. I got a couple of the dollar stamps from Micheal's today that also are Valentine's day themed, so I want to try them out too. Will probably make some cards with them later, probably tomorrow. Enjoy!


  1. beautiful card!

    and good for you setting goals - it is a means to progress :)

  2. I love this LO, and the pink & orange are so unexpected...but it works!


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