Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Wedding Scrapbook page

So I finally got around to doing a scrapbook page from our wedding photos. This only really focuses on one photo our photographer took (I looooovvveee the photos he took). It also includes mini boxes from our wedding cards. I saw a similar box idea done with Christmas cards and I thought it was a novel idea to use those wedding cards. So I spent one day last week going through ALL the wedding cards and cutting apart pictures, textures, ribbons, beads, etc. that could be usable in some way or fashion again and threw away all the other junk. Now I have some cute sayings and graphics that I can use for when someone I know gets married. I had issues photographing the full layout, so I'll include the single pages as well. I have come to the conclusion I LOVE these Thickers letters. I used both kinds that I had purchased a while back (red foil and white sparkle) and now I want more! Time to save up.
Today I cleaned ALLLLLL day. My scrap room/spare bedroom is cleaned up and I found a spot for my new organizer that my in-laws got me. Now I have less on my tables and more space to work in. I also have less filled drawers (now I have more room for my stamps, so I can separate the stamps from the ink pads, the letter stickers and 3D stickers from the flat stickers, the designer paper from the plain color paper. All-in-all it was a productive Saturday. Right now my husband is playing "World of Goo" on the Wii while our two friends Dave and Mike are over. It cracks me up that they can be so fascinated with making "goo balls" get to pipes. haha.
Anyways, here's the layout. Enjoy!

The full layout far away but together.

The left side, which kinda could be on its own I guess.

right side, which kinda could be on its own too.

Friends foil word and tag.

using only a small portion of the cards we got.

Top part of journal.

I really need to learn to write not at an angle!

I really do like how this turned out. :)

I tried to make it look pretty with cursive. Sadly my "b"s don't really look like b's.

Glitter letters!

The layout together.

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