Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

So I have been trucking along with my weight loss. It has only been about a week, but I am feeling more confident that I can DO THIS. Thank heavens for my Battle of the Bulge swap, since it keeps me motivated to be healthier. Basically this is what I've done this week:
  1. drank more water. I am allowing myself 1 beverage a day other than water (be it diet sprite- the only soda that doesn't give me heartburn and is zero calories, though diet sodas make you more hungry, so you have to be careful with them.) I had a glass of Mango-Orange juice with my breakfast, so I am set for the day on non-water beverages. Also drinking more water makes me less hungry.
  2. smaller portions. I have this tendency to eat large meals and then feel so full afterwards that I don't want to do anything but lounge around. Eatting smaller portions and eatting slower has helped me a lot. I also put things on plates and bowls. ie. I don't sit down with a whole bag of chips, if I was to eat chips, I put them in a bowl or on a plate and only allow myself to eat that.
  3. not going out to eat. The only "out to eat" this week I've done is gone to wawa for soup and salad because I forgot to make a lunch for the day, but all week we havn't been out to lunch. No fast food either! I've been packing the lunches baby!
  4. giving up caffeine and candy. I LOVE sweet things. I also LOVE caffeinated beverages. I have found out over the past month that if I don't drink caffeinated beverages I don't get heartburn. I also really don't need all the sugar. I"m trying, we'll see how I handle Valentine's day time with avoiding sweets and chocolate. :)
  5. calorie counting. Ok, so I technically am not on a diet. I hate the word DIET. I could never fully give up carbs and I really hate the idea of "dieting." My husband swears that when he had to loose weight for wrestling, it was all in the math of the calories. So I've been doing just that. Counting every calorie I consume and jot down what I'm eatting in my food log. It makes you realize just how bad certain things are for you. It also makes you sad that if you had a certain food or drink item, there just went a large percentage of my daily calories. It isn't the most 100% nutitious way, but its helping me get there.
I hope to get back into the exercise drill again. I was sick earlier this week which made me keep away from the gym, as well as I seemed to have pinched a nerve at the bottom of my spine, putting me out of commission up till today. Luckily today I feel 100% better and plan to go to the gym tomorrow hopefully.
Anyways, below is the other card I made today besides my 3 color inspirations. I used the same stamps as the one in the color inspiration, but I like how this card turned out in the long run. I find it hard to make 5 colors work. I'd prefer only a few. This one is more of green, tan/white, and brown. Enjoy!


Let the good times roll- in green!

I love this crocheted flower by laundry line!

Buttons buttons!


~ SUPPLIES for this CARD ~
  • White and Olive paper by Colorbok
  • Brown and green paisley paper by K & Company from their Hannah 6x6 paper pad
  • lace from Making Memories
  • brown and tan ribbon from?
  • buttons from Making Memories
  • crocheted white and green flower by Laundry Line
  • Bracket frame from the "retro spring" stamp set by pink paislee, in StaysOn Timber brown ink
  • "let the good times roll" stamp by Studio G, in StaysOn Timber brown ink

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  1. Way To Go on your weight loss! I have lost 40 pounds so far doing weight watchers. It has not been that hard because you can eat whatever you want (and by whatever, I mean CHOCOLATE!!). It is tough at times, but support makes all the difference! Good luck. I have an awesome soup recipe (super cheap, too!) if you like beans, let me know if you want it!


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