Friday, January 16, 2009

Color Inspiration #38:it was a toughy

My submissions for KWerner's Color Inspiration Challenge #38.
Here were the colors:

Card #1: Hugs and Kisses

I think this is my favorite for the challenge. But you might think differently.

My ruby red ink isn't the best, but I'll make do.

Clear Embossing for the Hugs and Kisses part!

Card #2: 4 U love, or Love 4 u or whatever you want to call it

It is closer to the colors I think, except the love in the middle, that isn't one of the colors. (sorry about that)

I wanted the focus to be on what's happening on the center.

I did clear embossing flowers on this too. I don't have a very good heart stamp so I thought flowers would work.

Card #3: hugs and kisses and hearts 

This is not my favorite to be honest. These are the only heart stamps I have. Can you believe that with all the stuff I have, these are the only hearts I have?!

I tried to incorporate all the 4 colors in the top part. The orange button I hoped to brighten it up a bit.

So now that I have a new schedule, I can do more things on Fridays (I now work Sundays instead of Fridays-not by choice, but it isn't soooo bad). Basically last night I couldn't sleep so I did my color inspiration challenge #38 cards and started on stuff for my SS for the's Battle of the Bulge. I should be done with my SS's presents today, since I just have one item left to work on. 
This Color Inspiration #38 was tough. It might of been the fact that I worked on them from 11pm to about 4am, but I just really struggled with these colors. It also might be the fact that I am completely out of white cardstock. I have to go get more, but I was determined to make the best of my supplies, but using backs of one sided paper, etc. Also, I don't have very good stamping inks in the color challenge's colors. My pink ink is too bright, my red is too dark, and my orange, well, I need a new orange ink. My white ink works well, but on certain colors it doesn't show up at all, so I resorted to the key supply of the night-embossing. Stamped with my watermark ink, which can also be used for clear embossing, put on some clear embossing powder, heat set, and tada! I also longed to do some valentine's day cards with these colors, but sadly I don't have very many stamps with valentine's day themes!-poo. So what you see is what I got basically.
Anyways, going to the grocery store later today..Guess I'll have to brave the cold, since we are completely out of the necessities. Also going to try my Nintendo DS's Personal Trainer game/program. I picked out 6 dishes to start with and try, so I made a shopping list on the DS for those. I wish I could get other things, like that I know I need that arn't in any of those recipes, to be added to the shopping list so I don't have to have 2 shopping lists. :)
Okeys, Here are the supplies for the cards above. I decided to to put the card pictures at top, since that is really what you want to see anyways. My ramblings are just a side note. haha
Made a supplies icon as well, which you'll see below.

Card #1: Hugs and Kisses
- red brackets from Making Memories 5th Avenue Elizebeth die cut pack
- Flower stamp from Pink Paislee's retro spring, in Vibrance Studio G ink
- Hugs and Kisses stamp from K&Company's Brenda Walton Chelsea Sentiments stamp set, in VersaMark watermark ink with clear embossing powder by Stamp'n'stuff
- Pink Paper by ColorBok
- Pink stickle in cotton candy on heart
- orange paper from My Minds Eye designer paper pad (I think it was the Magnolia collection)
- white paper from ?

Card #2: Love 4 U
- orange paper from My Minds Eye designer paper pad (I think it was the Magnolia collection) punched with Fiscar's dot scallop punch
- Flower stamp in background by Pink Paislee's retro spring set, in VersaMark watermark ink with clearn embossing powder by Stamp'n'stuff
- buttons by Making Memories
- Minibrads in white by American Crafts Elements
- Love popup from heidi grace designs midnight kisses set
- heart and frame from two scoops chipboard stickers by BasicGrey
- Glitter "u" by K&Company's smitten letter set
- tag, ruby strips and white paper from ?
- pink paper by Colorbok

Card #3: Hugs and Kisses and hearts to u
- heart stamps by ( I think studio G, but not sure), in Adirondack brights sunset orange, ColorBox pink, and Vibrance studio G red
- buttons by Making Memories
- Hugs and Kisses stamp from K&Company's Brenda Walton Chelsea Sentiments stamp set, in VersaMark watermark ink with clear embossing powder by Stamp'n'stuff
- Pink cardstock by ColorBok
- red and white cardstock and ribbon from ?

I am slowly training myself to take down in my mini notebook my mom made me, what supplies I use. I know when I read others blogs, I often want to know what they use supplies wise. 
So far the weightloss program is going strong. Last night was my only real slip up, darn Applebee's, but at least I only had 1/2 the meal, instead of the whole thing. We hope to go to the grocery store soon (probably in an hour or so from when I post this) so I'm excited to stock up on my healthier foods. 
For the first time ever- in our new apartment- it is cold. Now mind you, it is only 14 degrees outside today, (low of 4 degrees, yikes!) so it is no wonder it isn't its usual toasty warm in here. Since we can't control the heat in our apartment (the complex controls it), it usually is so freakn hot in here I open a window. But today, my hubby and I are wrapped in blankets. I know I know, it is a Friday, what are you two being home for? Well now with the schedule change and my hubby's weird schedules, we actually have a day off together. Who would of thought that it would work out in our favor!?
Anyways, tata for now. I might post more creations later if I get to make any today or tomorrow. Adios!


  1. These are all wonderful! Great job on the color challenge! :D

  2. They're all so cute! The second is my absolutely favourite - love the softness! I love the way you used the brackets in the first too and the hearts in the last!!

  3. These are all delightful! You did a fantastic job with your chipboard pieces! :D


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