Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: A few additions to my wardrobe

This past weekend a friend was in desperate need of black clothing items and fun accessories, as she is now in beauty school- and that's the dress code- all black. We decided to go thrifty shopping at Ross, DSW and the Goodwill (since it was a Sunday and the other 2 favorite thrift shops are closed those days). She scored some great deals to meet her needs and I picked up a few items I was in desparate need of (I really needed short-sleeved or nice tank tops for work, brown dress shoes and black boots that I could wear with leggings/tights). Here's some of my scores of that day. ;)

DSW: $30.47 total
Brown Oxford heels: Paid $16.48 (DSW price before 70% clearance percentage off- $54.94, and the original shoe price before DSW- $70)

Black heeled work boots: Paid $13.99 (DSW price before 80% clearance percentage off-$69.94, and the original shoe price before DSW- $90!)

TJMaxx: $39.98 total
 Tan maxi skirt: Paid $24.99 (original price $48)

Gray scoop short-sleeved top: Paid $14.99 (original price $48)

Goodwill: $6.13 total
Red tank with silk flowers: $2.63

Blue and gray layered tank: $3.50

Overall total between the 3 shops:  $76.58

It's not the absolute cheapest I've been on clothes/shoes, but I got everything that I was in desperate need of in my wardrobe (especially for clothes for work) and spent less than $100! I was most proud of my DSW shoe purchase- When your bill is $30.47 and the bottom of your receipt says "You Saved $129.53!"- that's what made me know it was a great purchase!

On a non-clothing thrifty savings, one of the sushi places near my husband's work has 1/2 off sushi rolls for their grand opening- Perfect for takeout!

What are some great deals you've scored lately? I'd love to hear some of YOUR thrifty finds!

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. I totally want some sushi now. I think I know where I'm going for lunch...

  2. I need to stop sharing sushi pictures- keeps making ya hungry for it! ;) haha


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