Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Subscription Box Review: Ipsy's September Glam Bag

Welcome to a new monthly feature- Subscription Box Review! I plan on posting reviews of all the subscription package services I have started trying out (thanks to my hubs for ordering me a bunch to try for our Wedding Anniversary present!).

(So far I am continuing this subscription) 
When I got my first Ipsy package, I already was super excited to get it- I had been following along online/facebook/instagram with their style gals, as well as chatting about it with a friend of mine who has been an avid subscriber of theirs. I was excited to open my hot pink padded envelope to discover some awesome products.

The one thing I adore about Ipsy as opposed to some other makeup subscription companies, is you get a cute little bag with it. September’s glam bag was shiny silver with silver studs- love it! It is perfect to change up the bags of makeup on the go or when traveling. 

Now onto the other products in the package:
-       Avon Big & Daring Mascara (original price $9, on sale currently for $7): I just adore this mascara. I’ve always been a MaryKay girl (if I had to chose between MK and Avon) but this was a lovely mascara. It certain does what it says- makes your eyelashes BIG and daring. Lol. I used it a few times already, such as when I needed to do promo shots for the upcoming show I'm in.

Look at those lashes! Used it for my 1950s school girl look for the next show.

-       7 Free Pacifica Nail polish in Red Wine (original price $9)- I like the color. Haven’t used it yet, though I plan to dress up my toenails for fall with this dark cranberry color. It's very dark, but perfect for fall!

  Be a…Bombshell Smooth Criminal powder (original price $12)- Honestly, I had no clue how to uses this when I got it, let alone what it was used for. I did find this great makeup tutorial on youtube by xxx where she uses it (among other products), so I might have to go out of my comfort zone and try it out next time I put makeup on with foundation (I'm not really a big foundation/makeup person. I love the more natural/on the go routine).

-       Cailyn Art Touch tinted Lip gloss in Basic Instinct (original price $19)- Nice simple lip gloss- the shade was a little light for my skin tone, but overall a good gloss over my usual Dusty Rose MaryKay lipstick.

-       Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand cream (original price $17 euro, Roughly $21.50 US dollars for 60 ml bottle)- Loved the scent. I’m not a huge hand cream fan, but this smelled lovely. This is a travel version, so I'm not sure if the price is correct for that size, FYI. It is perfect to stick in your purse when you need a little love for your hands. ;)

Overall, it was a great first bag from Ipsy. Now I know others got a slightly different bag (2 of my castmates and my mom all got slightly different bags), so I find it interesting what the company personalizes, according to the quiz they have you take. ;)

I’m looking forward to seeing what I get in my next bag from them!  
Have a great day!

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