Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Subscription Box Review: September and October packages from Splendies

Welcome to a new monthly feature- Subscription Box Review! I plan on posting reviews of all the subscription package services I have started trying out (thanks to my hubs for ordering me a bunch to try for our Wedding Anniversary present!). This is my second subscription box product review. Check out my previous Subscription box review of Ipsy's September Glam bag review.

(I am still continuing this subscription) 
I have already received 2 packages from Splendies (September and October) since I decided to start reviewing the packages for this here blog, and neither disappoint.
The September package was the very first package I received of all the subscription packages I subscribed to as part of my wedding anniversary present. So far, I have been quite impressed with this. My first month was only $8! (got a coupon off the first month).

The cool thing about Spendies is that they a) have an options to opt out of the possibility of getting a thong (you just have to pay a few bucks more) and b) there is a plus-sized sister company too!   
September’s items were a great variety and all comfortable, as well as stylish. The one thong sent was actually not that uncomfortable for once- great fabric!

The next month had a cute color selection, though I was sad I wasn’t one of the lucky random packages picked to get a pair of Halloween undies. Darn. The yellow and gray ones are soooo adorable!

So far, all 6 undies fit perfect for me (I got the Large size. I currently am a size 11/12 in pants size if that helps- they have a sizing chart to help you too!). I am very pleased with this, and it saves me the hassle of having to buy undies (I HATE having to buy underwear!!!)
Looking forward to next months!
Have a great day.

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