Thursday, October 2, 2014

Subscription Box Review: September BariBox

Welcome to a new monthly feature- Subscription Box Review! I plan on posting reviews of all the subscription package services I have started trying out (thanks to my hubs for ordering me a bunch to try for our Wedding Anniversary present!). This is my third subscription box product review. Check out my previous Subscription box review's of Ipsy's September Glam bag and the September AND October Splendies packages.

(cancelled subscription) 
Baribox was sent quite quickly, as I received it right away- got it the same days as my Spendies box. The items sent in the box, though the right amount for the money paid, were not really my style of papercrafting supplies, hence why this one was on my nixed list for now, till I can afford to have a boatload of subscription boxes at the same time.

Again, it was great product, just not my style (and I can only afford to have a few subscription boxes at a time).
Items included in this month's box:

It was a cute amount of papercrafting supplies- great for someone who needs a little extra accessories to their papercrafting, just wasn't really my style of supplies. Maybe in the future I'll give it a shot again.

Have a great day!


  1. I've tried Stitch Fix, but I'm kind of 'meh' about it. I have gotten a couple of nice pieces though. I've heard good things about Birchbox. Have you tried them yet?

    1. I have not tried Birchbox, though a friend of mine does both Birchbox and Ipsy. I'm not a huge makeup fan, so one is good enough for me. But if I get tired of Ipsy, I might give Birchbox a try. lol. I saw Stitch Fix, but I'm a big thrift store shopper, so not my kind of deal. ;)


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