Friday, October 31, 2014

Stampin Up! Getaway Weekend, October 2014

Happy Halloween everyone!
So, last Friday through Sunday I went to a Stampin Up! getaway weekend with my mom, hosted by the lovely Jill Hilliard.
I was happy to have the weekend to craft and got a LOT done. I finished up my 2013 Project Life album, got up to date on my 2014 Project Life album, created a banner for our New Years Party, and made a BOATLOAD of Christmas cards- which I totally need, since at the start of this year, I had about 2 Christmas cards made. haha

Below are some of the projects I created over the weekend:
This is such a cute Stampin Up! set. I love the little drinks.
Once I figured out how to use the watercolor pen, this became such an adorable card (ended up making a handful like this)
The woman next to me gave me a bunch of her green tree edge leftovers, and I made them into these cards. Yay for reusing others rejects. haha
Started on the Villains side of our "Heroes and Villians New Years Party" banner. ;) Yay for leftover Halloween stuff.
The full banner, just not tied together.
Made the whole set of cards from this simple Stampin Up! kit.
Also finished up these Paper Pumpkin treat bags. I'm gonna give some to peeps that are hosting Halloween parties we are going to, and a few for our neighbors.
I just gotta get some more candy to fill them up though.
Finished my 2013 project life album. Yay!
Here are some of the make-'n'-takes, original designs by Jill, but slightly tweaked by me (cards and scrapbook pages):

Here are the projects I completed in the 2 classes- a gift card class and treat box class:
The gift cards:

The red part in the back comes out as well.
This is my favorite of the gift card holders- so classy.
Cutsy snowman gift card holder.
Simple, but classy Santa gift card holder.
 The treat boxes:
So simple, so cute. I might make more of these...
Adorable purse/fries box treat container.
Santa treat container
Cute birdie treat box.
Double box container- Would be perfect for holding little bottles of Bath and Body Works, etc.
Here are the lovely welcome/pillow gifts/thank you dailies that Jill made for all of us. All are so cute!

I had a great time. Later I'll show you a set of cards I made using a small amount of products, but different designs, based off of one of the make-'n'-takes I did (I'll show you those in the bunch too).
Overall, it was a great time. I can't wait to go to another crafty getaway!
The essentials for crafting over that weekend. lol
Stay tuned for my post on quick and easy Christmas cards- so cute and so simple to crank out a bunch of cards in a jiffy!
Enjoy your Halloween all. It will be Christmas before you know it, lol. Have a great day!


  1. These are so great! I wish I had the patience to sit down and be creative like that!

    1. lol. I only have the patience when I'm on these getaways. When your only real objective for the weekend is to make crafts, it is so much easier. lol


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