Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween done, Here comes Thanksgiving

Ah Halloween...How I love thee, but sadly this year's Halloween was very tame. This year I cooked some various Halloween themed food and beverages. I will show you a few of the favorites: Caramel Apple Cupcakes and "Shrunken Head" apple cider. I think its funny the two items that turned out so well both had apples in them. haha

Anyways, my co-workers seemed to love the extra cupcakes I brought to the office, so I'll have to remember to make those again next year. :)
I did get some crafting done over the Halloween weekend, so once I photograph them, I'll put them up. So stay tuned.
I guess Thanksgiving is the next in line of Holidays, even though I think most places are skipping straight to Christmas. When I went to the pharmacy they were putting all the Xmas stuff up. lol
Anyways, Happy belated Halloween everyone!

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  1. Thanksgiving is my MOST favorite! PS be sure to check my blog in the am for a little surprise for you!


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