Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Turkey Time

So I finally got around to photographing the rest of my scrapbook pages from the Crop for a Cure. Also, I worked on a few other things that I'll show later (including this year's Thanksgiving placecards for our table and my Friday Night Card Club November card). But, without further ado, here are some scrapbook pages. :D I apologize for the crappy photography. I still haven't figured out how to photograph scrapbook pages nicely, and these are taken on my iphone, while I try to get batteries for my camera and fix the battery door to the camera. (right now its busted so I have it taped up)

 (Thanksgiving at our apartment for the first time last year. Here is my parents, my in-laws, my nephews and sister-in-law, and my hubs. That and the table trying to go all Martha Stewart on Thanksgiving. lol)

 (we made this layout during the crop, photo taken at the crop. I love stuff like that!)

 (photos from when my mom came to visit in March, we walked the New Hope canal)

(My nephew at Christmas after he got his baby cruising car. 
Too cute. I think these are by far my most favorite pictures yet of the little cutie. lol)

Have a great week before Thanksgiving! Do any of you plan on going Black Friday shopping? I would, but I have to work that day, and I don't know if I can handle getting up in the wee hours in the morning, THEN going to work. lol. I just finished re-watching the first Harry Potter movie. lol. My hubs and I are determined to re-watch all 6 movies before we go see the 7th Harry Potter movie probably on Sunday.
Have a great Friday!

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