Friday, September 6, 2013

Favorites Friday: Getting Crafty with it!

Welcome to another Favorites Friday! 
This week, I've been getting my craft on, so I've come across some things that keep me going and staying crafty! Enjoy!

1. Copic Markers: These markers take a little getting used to, but they produce a lovely color, and don't dry up nearly as bad as the cheaper markers.

2. Golden Delicious Apples: I've been a fan of these apples for a long time, and they never fail me. They are healthy, semi-sweet, and taste great as a snack.

3. Wawa Diet Peach Iced Tea: I don't know if many of you have Wawa's by you, but in Pennsylvania- they are the place to be. They have some of the best hoagies/subs around, and I LOVE their diet peach tea. SOO good! They also have some of the cheapest gas in town. haha!

4. Marvy Mega Scalloped Circle Punch: This mega punch has helped me be crafty so much. It is the best size to stack other punches on top of. I am using it for an invite I designed, and I love the effect it gives!

5. Bazzill Bling Cardstock: I've been using Bazzill for a while, but recently came across this lovely type of their cardstock. It has a little bling to it, and so classy! Gotta have some bling!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! I have a boat-load of stuff to do tomorrow, so hopefully I can enjoy a relaxing Sunday instead. ;)

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