Monday, September 2, 2013

Pinspiration Monday: Hopeful Inspiration to get Crafty

Welcome to another Pinspiration Monday!

Sorry I haven't had many posts to share recently- my full-time job has been a little crazy right now. My full-time schedule is all over the place these days, making my brain all mush, all the time. I am working night shift (5:30pm-1:30pm) on Mondays, mid-day shift Tuesdays & Wednesdays (11-7pm or 12-8pm, depending on what they need me to do), slightly earlier shift (10:30-6:30pm) on Thursdays and slightly later shift (3-11pm) on Fridays. Also having to cover some Saturday shifts (every other weekend) for co-workers on vacation, meaning I have to take a different day off- like some random Tuesday or Wednesday off. *tear* (All of this because one person left our department- ugh).
That being said, my time with my hubs is also all over the place, so I've been spending more time at home alone- just me and the cat, Wendy. I've also be swamped with freelance graphic design work, so once I'm done with work and working on those freelance projects, I don't feel like doing much of anything. ;( That means, a lot of watching Hulu/Netflix and Pinterest surfing, because I'm creatively pooped out. I don't know what it is about working shifts all over the place, but my creativity has just gone out the window as far as craft projects. I still like photography and trying to learn to use my DSLR, but doing scrapbook pages, cards, home decor project, etc.- I sit down to do it, and I just have a mind blank. Any of you have that happen to you?

Anyways, sorry for the mini rant. Hopefully all the Pinterest surfing will spark some creativity in me today- Labor Day. I have to work night shift again tonight (I know- working on Labor Day!?) but in the few hours beforehand, I hope to create SOMETHING. I hope this will spark something creative in me, and maybe yourself too!


Pretty Periwinkles' Birthday Card



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Have a great holiday everyone! And for those who have to work during the holiday, like me, have a great all-around day!

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